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  1. ROB.M

    Spray booth

    Safely spray clear on cues. Paasche 4 foot spray booth. Like new and fully assembled. $1500 Local pick up in Davenport Iowa Rob.M.
  2. ROB.M

    Cuefits stores back online

    Just a heads up~> Ebay and web-store back online and running smoothly. Now make something’ Thank you. Rob.M
  3. ROB.M

    Walkaway Joe pool movie released May 8-2020

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  4. ROB.M

    Aramith tournament black TV set

    $385.00 shipped in lower 48 Factory fresh/sealed. F&F or add the fees. Honest deals at honest prices. Rob.M
  5. ROB.M

    Justin Bergman vs whitey walker on now Enjoy’ Rob.M
  6. ROB.M

    Brunswick vintage brown bumpers

    A few have a dry crack and a few are gems. 7 bumpers total. SEE PICTURES. $old Rob.M
  7. ROB.M

    Antique Brunswick bottle&pills

    Not sure how old it is but at least 50 era or older. Complete set of pills. I’ll included a cut away section of the cloth that is shown in pic. Real Brunswick history here’ $old~> Thx Rob.M
  8. ROB.M

    Antique Brunswick dart pool balls

    Brunswick balke collender dart pool balls. A few light cracks from age/clay. Not major splitting or cracking like generally found on these old sets. May coincided trades for a newer used set of premium or better balls. No cue ball. $old’
  9. ROB.M

    Vintage Brunswick Balke Collender dart pool balls

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  10. ROB.M

    Simonis 760 for a 7’ valley table

    Bed&rail set, precut. This must be installed on a 7’ valley or alike/undersized slate. SIMONIS GREEN $195 shipped. Send PayPal as friends&family or add the fees. Honest deals at honest prices. Rob.M
  11. ROB.M

    3/8-10 revo

    Predator revo. Special make. $610.00 shipped in lower 48 states~> Rob.M
  12. ROB.M

    7’ Simonis 860HR tournament blue bed&rail cloth set

    Simonis 860HR TOURNAMENT BLUE. Bed rail rail set, precut ready for install. Slight dye flaw as seen in picture. If this gets installed on a valley I think it will be out of the playing surface. Will not effect the play of the cloth/table. $old Rob.M
  13. ROB.M

    7’ diamond pro-am PRC blue label

    Used. Recovered once. One piece slate table. Weight is 800lbs Local pickup in Davenport,Iowa 52806 (best to bring a diamond dolly) SOLD also have a 9’ same model. Sold Rob.M
  14. ROB.M

    9’ pool table slates and a set of snooker slates

    I’ve got 9 sets of 9’ pool tables slates to the Korean made cosmos pool tables and a set of slates to a National style 6x12 snooker table. SLATES ONLY. A few sets to the 9’ tables are granite. 3 piece sets to each 9’ 5 piece set to the snooker table. The slates are on pallets and can be...
  15. ROB.M

    5 sneaky Pete’s one price

    New/never chalked. THE SHAFTS HAVE SLIGHT TO SOME LIFT/WOBBLE. Nothing crazy, very playable. Full splice 2 piece cues. I’ve been told the old fashion manipulation of the shaft can straighten these up but I prefer to not go about it myself. 5/16-18 pin. THESE are 57 inch long cues/ 2 piece...
  16. ROB.M

    Pool ball pocket markers

    Pocket markers/paper weights or can be used for several things. I made a whole rack of these and only have a few left to sell. These are made from old pool balls or cue balls. These two I’ll sell both of these in a buy one get one/BOGO deal. The 14 pocket marker and the cue ball pocket markers...
  17. ROB.M

    Radial joint caps-penny heads

    Radial pin. 1 butt 1 shaft 2018 buffed&polished pennies inlayed into the ends. Prototype ivory imitation. $55.00 shipped in lower 48 Rob.M
  18. ROB.M

    7’ Simonis 860HR tournament blue

    Bed and rail set. This has SOLD! Rob.M
  19. ROB.M

    Simonis 860HR rail cloth set royal blue

    This is new set of rail cloth for a 7 foot table. RAIL CLOTH ONLY/6 RAILS. Pre cut rail cloth set, ready to install. 860HR ROYAL BLUE. One time deal. $40.00 shipped in lower 48. I’ll throw in some stickers and a rack spot. Rob.M
  20. ROB.M

    Revo radial shaft 12.9

    $old~> Used for a short time. Moori tip installed-medium Radial 12.9 Shipped and insured in lower 48. Rob.M