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    Monday Night Dilemma

    Monday night is our weekly handicap 9-ball tournament and is one of our busiest nights of the week. If you already have a similar tournament on another night, consider trying out an alternate possible tournament format you could run on Mondays to see how it goes, maybe a doubles tournament.
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    Small pockets ruining the game

    Yes, 3-7/8”, and it appears the pocket facing angles look like they are roughly 142°. These are closer to snooker pockets than pool pockets, even with new cloth. To pocket a ball shot down the rail with any pace at all would have to be hit absolutely perfect, and it still might not drop.
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    Anyone using Simones Green cloth?

    On a 9 foot table with good lighting, I think it is just too bright. Simonis sent me a 1‘ x 2‘ swatch of apple green which I laid out on one of our tables next to our tournament blue and a number of players agreed that it is simply too much on the eyes.
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    Anyone using Simones Green cloth?

    Apple green is not shown on their website color chart, but I know it may be available in some blends. It is certainly brighter than Simonis green, but some might say it is too bright, especially if you have very good LED lighting on your table.
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    Rubber on the Rails trouble…

    I heard recently from an extremely reputable table mechanic / installer that he’s had some problems in recent years with Artemis cushions he has installed and his preferred choice now is Klematch cushions. I’ve brought this up to the Artemis dealers I purchase from, and they completely deny...
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    Anyone using Simones Green cloth?

    I have photos of our tables here with Simonis green that look completely different than the swatch shown in the first post, but unfortunately, I don’t know how to load photos here.
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    Your thoughts on '3 fouling' your way to victory?

    My problem with the 3 foul rule for a handicapped tournament is a considerably stronger player attempting to 3 foul a virtually beginner level player, particularly if they have other options. I may choose to continually hide and foul an opponent until I feel I can run out, but I won’t call them...
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    Anyone using Simones Green cloth?

    That’s not an accurate photo - it is much brighter. It is as bright a green as tournament blue is a blue. As others have said, good LED lighting is the key. Can’t go wrong with Simonis green.
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    Rubber on the Rails trouble…

    FYI, keep in mind that the cost for Diamond to supply all 6 new Artemis cushions including new rail cloth and shipping is still likely less than 1/2 of what a qualified professional mechanic will charge you for the labor.
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    Small pockets ruining the game

    If pockets are any tighter than 4-1/8”, the pocket facing angles absolutely must be altered from 142–143° down to no more than 140°. Otherwise, even with new cloth, the pockets become unplayable even for very high-level players to play their game and showcase their skills.
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    Rubber on the Rails trouble…

    That does not look good. Did the installer draw your attention to it? If not, I would never use that installer again. There are clearly some issues with those cushion rubbers that need to be replaced. I would strongly suggest getting all the cushion rubbers replaced so they will match.
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    Refining pre shot routine

    The title of your thread is confusing. To me, your pre-shot routine is the repetitive routine you go through leading up to the start of your final backstroke/stroke. As far as incorporating a pause at the back of your stroke, you have to have patience, practice it and give it time before you...
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    Speed L drill

    The size of the pockets is a huge degree of difficulty variable when attempting this drill. On 4-1/4” corners it is way tougher than say 4-3/4” pockets.
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    Intentional sharking or not?

    To claim or assume these hand movements were not done intentionally to distract the shooter is being extremely generous and ignorant, especially for a player at this level. He was in the process of getting out of his chair as the object ball was still approaching the intended pocket.
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    UK Too Slow

    I also agree - when you get that tight, 1/8” or even 1/10” does make a difference. We have a 4-1/4” pocket table and a 4-1/8” pocket table. You can’t believe how much tougher that 4-1/8” table plays.
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    Your thoughts on '3 fouling' your way to victory?

    Yes, that makes sense. However, you have to accept that by attempting to do that, the stronger player is then more likely to try to do it right back at you, and they clearly have the better chance of pulling it off.
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    Time for new cloth?

    Nothing as nice as new cloth, if you prioritize your pool and if you can afford it. It’s obvious from your wear / burn marks that you have racked the balls at both ends of the table. No, there is no way to remove the burn marks or the breaking tracks from your cloth. When/if you do get new...
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    Your thoughts on '3 fouling' your way to victory?

    You have the right to try to 3 foul anyone any time, but a relatively good player who is thinking about nothing but 3 fouling their opponent because they scratch on the break, even with a nice ball spread, is nitty IMO. I also feel trying to 3 foul a considerably lower skill level player is...
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    Are Top Level Pool Players Better Today?

    Agreed, but I’m guessing those 10’ tables had 5” pockets - a huge difference from 4-1/2” or tighter pockets.
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    Anyone wear wrist straps?

    Yes, I’ve worn a wrist brace the past year plus. I don’t care what others think, as I have found it very helpful.