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    Rare New Jack Justis Green Suede 2x4 Tube Case

    please call on phone i will make an offer
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    please call i am interstedc in your green justise

    please call i am interstedc in your green justise
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    Bucktooth vs Alpo - Old School One-Pocket - 1 to 2

    i played vernon elliot a game like this 40 years ago we both went to 2 i didn't know who he was or i would have run
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    Tim Scruggs history

    i never heard any thing about a young friend helping him between the time he left joss unless it was danny and i spoke often with tim scruggs over a period of 25 years friendship i thought he just started making cues when he seperated from joss for what ever reason i think he remained good...
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    Bill Stroud pool stories................

    billy gave me 4 hit and the pick or the break and pick 4 and i struggled to break even ,so i thinl you were probably lucky he din't play billy didn't leave a lot of survivors you could find out the answer to your lingering doubt by playing ne, but i sold my table and have not hit a ballin months
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    Points vs No Points

    points were initially used to strengthen the construction of the cue to keep it from warping,to keep it straight something akin to laminated wood there are people who can discern diferent feels in different cues or different woods i have always suspected that maple is the best wood for...
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    Sold Tasc ebony merry widow

    please call214 477 7323
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    McDermott Cue M207 - great condition - Massey Champion

    i no longer know how to pm or receive pm call 214 477 7323
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    please call 214 477 7323

    please call 214 477 7323
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    contact me about your rusty cae 214 477 7323 only

    contact me about your rusty cae 214 477 7323 only
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    wanted case for my last cue

    please call 214 477 7323 jb or rusty melton please contact me by phone i no longer get pm messages i might buy a nice fellini
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    What could they be calling Deanoc!

    cues look good to me i don't think verl had anything to do with these could be any one of several great cue makers did you say they are spain points?
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    looking for rusty melton

    please call 214 477 7323
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    Randy Mobley Cue

    nice cue,you dont see many of these
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    Stats -- Chohan vs. Frost One-Pocket Race to 30, November 2020

    I believe 2 things must be considered 1 reracking on balls made on the break 2 the fact that we are looking at the very highest quality players replying to the break with power and precision i think that if even slightly less talented players were to play 100 games we might see the break...
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    Sold Myth Case 2x4 FS!

    really is a beautful case and good price for the right buyer
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    Sold ZEN Merry Widow - Figured Curly Maple

    what a deal i thought his cues started at $2000 or more really nice cue and a great seller to boot
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    3 Blue circle centennial cue balls brand news $20 each

    I have been holding onto these,but I sold my table and all my cues,my playing days come to an end on Wednesday when my centennial is picked up send me a PM if you want the cue balls as of now the balls are sold pending thank you
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    For Mr. Bayanin in Hong Kong

    as pretty as they get looks like the eastern buyers haver discovered Bob Owen I am glad to see he is apprecited for his craftsmanship
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    Randy Mobley cue

    tback when i was paying,i would have bought this in a minute Randy has a great reputationfor making terrific cues