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  1. msquared


    do you have any UNI-LOCK on both ends. .840 size for predator P2 msquared.
  2. msquared

    ~>~>~>~>~~> F/S Tad Cue <~~<~<~<~<~

    is the cue 58 inch ? msquared. ( Mike M)
  3. msquared

    *-*-* Looking to trade all these Eye Candies for 1 monster cue *-*-*

    what do you want for thr sp6 msquared
  4. msquared

    F.S. Predator Z Shafts

    PM your way Mike M (msquared)
  5. msquared

    FS/FT Predator Roadline SP6GL 314 2nd generation shaft

    How much did you want on the cue? msquared
  6. msquared

    WTB Predator shaft 3/8x10

    I have a 314 first gen 30 inch black with silver ring in test hit condition. $185.00 sent C.O.D. postal money order only. PM me or call me 209-918-6378 Mike M
  7. msquared

    New ob-2 shaft

  8. msquared

    New ob-2 shaft

    bump to the top.
  9. msquared

    WTB Everest tips without red line.

    how many do you need? I'm sure i have a some I'll check when i get to my lathe area. M2
  10. msquared

    WTS / WTT Bobby Hunter

    hunter I know shafts are easy to get.but there $300.00 per shaft the last time I asked him.
  11. msquared

    Oinkers Layered Tip Sale

    Great Tips. put them on some cues. they play great and hold up very well. M2
  12. msquared

    WTS / WTT Bobby Hunter

    man i wish the shafts were bigger. i would be all over this cue. goog luck with your sale. M2
  13. msquared

    Southwest-Bob Hunter cue for sale

    Thanks Tony. but you got thre price wrong. I'll go down to 1200.00. + shipping thats my dead bottom price. if i can't get thatprice I'll keep it. M2
  14. msquared


  15. msquared

    New ob-2 shaft

    OB2 shaft. You still haven't sold it yet? My friend just paid $235.00 for his OB shaft. I'll show him this add. msquared.
  16. msquared

    New ob-2 shaft

    ob shaft Looks good Art. How do the OB shafts play? Bump to the top. M2
  17. msquared

    Corsair(Roger) Full Slice from a Davis Blank

    glwys Thats my kind of cue. GLWYS Tommie
  18. msquared

    Indexable Cutter Bit

    M2 I have the same set up at home. i have done tips on it for about 7 years. I do all the tips in the central valley. I have done at leasy 3000 tips with it. Mike M.
  19. msquared


    M2 how many tips did you want? P.M. me Mike M.
  20. msquared

    My new Barry Szamboti

    szam congrads on you new cue. I love both of my G. Szamboti cues. Mike M. (M2)