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    Bumpers 🔝
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    Sold Mezz ACE 2187

    Is this the AZB account that was hacked???
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    WTB: OB Phoenix 12.3 5/16-14 shaft

    I have a backup 12.3mm shaft which is 30" solid black collar with very little play; almost new Precision soft tip - $250 shipped. Send me a PM, if you're interested.
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    Sold JOEY B. FS.

    IMHO this post is worthless without pics 📸 🧐 Thanks for the pic!
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    3/8 x 10 wrapless butt 400 - 1k

    I've got these available....
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    Tascarella owners club only entire here !

    Nice looking player 👌 Is it Olivewood?
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    No longer available
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    Sold ☆ VINTAGE 1970'S ☆ ADAM ELDORADO ☆

    For your consideration is a very desirable Adam R/A-12 "Eldorado". It's one of my all-time favorites which has been in my collection for many years. I've refinished this cue using a hand rubbed oil finish. Buttend feattures figured Macassar Ebony; four (4) pointer with Titlist colored veneers...
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    Vintage old Adam Cue

    I've got a 1970's Eldorado.....
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    Looking for vintage box cases

    Brown 1x2 with extra long compartment that will hold another shaft or, butt - good condition, $125 + shipping.
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    Looking for vintage box cases

    Black 2x2 with a key; and, a small compartment - good condition, $125 + shipping.
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    Beautiful vintage Gus Szamboti from the early 1970's. The buttend of this cue was completely refinished by Tascarella Custom Cues in 2017; the cue is straight and in excellent condition; it has been well cared for with very light play since returning from their shop. BEM forearm with four...
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    This is a rare Brazilian Rosewood Hoppe made by Danny Tibbitts. This cue has four Brazilian Rosewood points with a beautiful combo of veneers (maple, lime green, lavender purple and maple) into a Brazilian Rosewood forearm; it has a natural piloted joint featuring brown phenolic with fancy...
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    Kielwood Shaft

    Kielwood is stiffer, typically lighter due to the drying process
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    FS: Amboyna burl and ebony...

    I've ordered several cues from Al with zero issues. He's always delivered a quality build in a timely fashion; the guy makes some great cues👍 Here's a link to Al's Facebook page....
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    Sold Alamo Cues ~ 60" Cocobolo Sneaky Pete

    It moves the ball really good 👌 In case some of you may be concerned about the lighter weight of this shouldn't be! The cue plays great as it sits for a 7' bar box. You can add a 2" Extension for an extra 2 oz of weight (the balance point is still forward at approx. 19") and the...
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    Sold Alamo Cues ~ 60" Cocobolo Sneaky Pete

    The current balance point of the cue (at 13.5 oz) without any weightbolt present is 20" from the end of the buttcap which allows you alot of adjustment. The points are really good for a SP; and, they all seamlessly blend into the grain of the forearm; one is approx. 1/4" shorter than the...
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    Sold Alamo Cues ~ 60" Cocobolo Sneaky Pete

    Here for your consideration is a beautiful wrapless Alamo Cues Sneaky Pete built by Mark Lund. This cue features a nice piece of fiery Mexican Cocobolo for the handle and a torrefied Tiger Maple forearm. The cue is in good condition with only a few minor marks in the finish from being used...