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  1. bud green

    august west coast road trip- where should I go?

    A buddy of mine just opened his new pool room in Windsor, Ca which is an hour north of SF and only 20 minutes north of Buffalo Billiards. Literally just opened in the last week or two. Should do well. Definitely go by Buffalo Billiards in Petaluma and check out how the...
  2. bud green

    Jeez...Shane just ran 2 consecutive racks in banks. 10 balls.

    2004. Ran ten, then I think he won the last set in either 2 or 3 innings. Truman Hogue ran 13 on another tape.
  3. bud green

    RIP Yang 1978-2023

    I just hope that what this guy accomplished in pool continues to be recognized. Never met him, no personal memories of him, but as a fan of the game some players make such a mark that it would be a shame to not appreciate just how good they were.
  4. bud green

    Cousins Custom cues

    They're nice cues. Used to see quite a few of them in the Bay Area north of San Francisco since most of them were sold from there.
  5. bud green

    FargoRate: youngest players with highest ratings

    Dang camaro69926, either you're also a very good player or your son has been whooping you for a while lol. What does the "69926" mean on your screen name if you don't mind me asking? Bud Green--> born 9/26/1969 and curious if we have the same birthdate.
  6. bud green

    Ronnie 1996 128 video - VERY fast

    I've posted links to this match a few times. Its hilarious, especially the way he shoots the last blue. One of the funnest frames to watch I've ever seen.
  7. bud green

    What was Semih playing here?

    This is actually one of my favorite shots. Not the kind of shot someone at my level should try at any serious game, but there is a version of this shot Sang Lee shot on an Accu-Stat video many, many years ago and I never forgot it. If you hit the correct side of the first ball, in many cases...
  8. bud green

    Two unrelated one pocket questions

    I would have guessed the only way to make a ball in your opponents hole is to go crazy and try the famous Corey Deuel hard break. Still hilarious to this day he played that break.
  9. bud green

    Dr Dave for BCA HOF

    Dave will get there. Jewett should already be in. As much as he has contributed to pool, Byrne books in the earlier days, the more scientific approach to things, etc... he's been even more of an important asset to the sport of three cushion being kept alive in the US for decades. He never...
  10. bud green

    How much does it cost to heat a carom table?

    Not Vietnamese. Couple of rooms in Norcal. Someone told me it cost almost 2 grand a month...I have a real hard time believing it but was curious if a different room owner somewhere had an accurate figure. You never know with just one room; they could have other issues going on.
  11. bud green

    How much does it cost to heat a carom table?

    Curious if anyone knows the average cost for keeping a table like a Gabriel heated 24/7 for a full month. A couple of local rooms don't heat their tables anymore and I've heard outlandish numbers on the cost of heating them. Like over a grand a month for one table.
  12. bud green

    Gorst makes history at DCC

    I wonder how much he won for the four warm up events. There was a post on the main page about him snapping those off. I also wonder how many pool players will make over 52K in prize money for the entire year. Maybe 10-15 guys?
  13. bud green

    Gorst makes history at DCC

    How much has Fedor made in 2023 already? MOT, banks, nine ball and a bunch of warm-ups for the Derby. Killing it.
  14. bud green

    Would you call a foul on yourself?

    Only a matter of time before someone mentions golfer Bobby Jones when these kind of threads pop up. At the 1925 U.S. Open, Bobby Jones moved his ball slightly while setting up for a shot. No one saw it, but Jones was adamant that the ball had moved and assessed himself a one-stroke penalty...
  15. bud green

    For Sale: Position Play In Three Cushion Billiards Book

    I think it has been sold for more than the other two books on average and I've seen 350-450 maybe on the high end. Don't ever remember seeing it sold for more than that for any regular version. Winning One Pocket still gets more money than Shots and Moves, but the 3-C book seems to never drop...
  16. bud green

    Jimmy's Billiards, Milpitas, CA

    Looks like a pretty good menu...except for serving samosas with cocktail sauce lol. Buffalo Billiards in Norcal is proving that poolhalls can still thrive today. Waiting list for tables, killing it on beer and food sales. 30 players for the Saturday nine ball tourney the last couple of weeks...
  17. bud green

    Is Now the right time to open a pool hall

    Where in Norcal are you? I know someone who has a thriving pool room, as well as sells tables and does installs. I can get you freezers for storing food for deep fryers (you need one, trust me) at a great price. Professional Empura freezers. Also have a buddy who installs tables for a living...
  18. bud green

    Bergman ran a 19-pack, I think it's the highest package on video.

    Souqet said he ran 27 racks of eight ball while preparing for the IPT tour. Link to old AZ thread:
  19. bud green

    Peter Fleming, RIP Cya on the other side petey.. Thanks for all of it.. Never Forgotten.

    Sad to hear this. Pete moved to Northern Cal for a few years and I spent a lot of time with him. RIP