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  1. cuegrip

    ***Brazilian Rosewood Squares FS***

    Can I get 19-4 if still available...thx
  2. cuegrip

    Who knows for sure what wood this is?!

    Cocobolo is a rosewood...Looks more like East Indian Rosewood though
  3. cuegrip

    ***brazilian rosewood squares fs***

    Can I get 16.2, 16.3, 16.4 and 19.1MG...thx
  4. cuegrip

    gabon ebony stock FS

    Still available If A is still available I would like that piece
  5. cuegrip

    New cue build

    Your best bet is to message the cue maker that you think will give you the look and performance that you want in a custom cue
  6. cuegrip

    help with cue

    The logo on those cues are deep enough to withstand a refinish.
  7. cuegrip

    BRW Squares FS

    Can I get 16-5 and 16-6
  8. cuegrip

    Tim Scruggs Cue on eBay

    The seller should be ashamed of himself. As far as the buyer, lesson learned. I almost got burnt years ago on Fleabay by a guy selling a "Scruggs" shaft, the pictures of the shaft looked genuine, when I got the shaft it wasn't the one pictured, had mineral streaks, was rattle can clear coated...
  9. cuegrip

    How much do I really need to spend on my first cue?

    First cue The main reason for buying your own cue purely just to shoot with, is to have something that shoots the same every time. A nice sneaky pete is a good starting point, anything more than that and you are just paying for looks for the most part
  10. cuegrip

    New guy trying

    Just starting out You could also get a Williard tip Machine for doing the tips...Modified mandrels work in an electric drill for cleaning shafts...the money you can make with a Williard tip machine will pay for a nice lathe in several months, or sooner, depending on how motivated you are
  11. cuegrip

    Thoughts on cue making

    After reading all the posts, it is definitely not a CNC vs. non CNC issue that makes a cuemaker, in fact I believe it takes even more effort to make a CNC cue.If only because not only do you have to have knowledge of how a cue hits, what makes it hit that way, and how to construct it so that...
  12. cuegrip

    New In Box Kress 1050 Spindle w/collets

    I received the spindle. Everything looks good, thanks for everything...Not sure how to post the I-trader thing
  13. cuegrip

    anyone interested in a bandsaw jig for making full splice cues

    Jig Could you send me some details and price...thx...Brian
  14. cuegrip

    FOR SALE:Talisman Tips massive inventory closeout priced

    Please send PayPal info I would like: 50 med pro 25 hard pro Preferably flat, domed ok. Please send the total and Paypal info. Thank you
  15. cuegrip

    UPS does it......AGAIN

    You could send something through UPS in a ACME safe and it could still be damaged. After the second destroyed cue, the second one with forklift tire marks on the tube, I avoid the men in brown with a vegence
  16. cuegrip

    Build a cue

    Pretty much sums it up. There are many ways to build a cue, most of them are costly, especially if you want it to your exact dimensions. You should spend some time researching several makers and see if they would like to make the cue for you. If you insist on trying to get people to bid on...
  17. cuegrip

    Build a cue

    What exactly do you consider a fortune? You may be better off approaching several cue builders and ask them for a estimate and time frame. Just trying to give you a couple things that may help you reach your goal of getting a cue made
  18. cuegrip

    Where Have All The Kamui Chalk Warrior's Gone?

    I would love to just be able to use center cue all the time. It would mean that my stroke, speed and position are perfect...Think about it
  19. cuegrip

    WTT: My cue for any guns you have

    cues for guns I have traded a cue for a rifle on here, there are no problems as long as it is sent to a FFL...However, reading the previous posts, would likely never deal with the OP, and would advise others to do the same.