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  1. HouTexPlayer

    Mosconi Cup 2021 Day 3 Updates

    I’ve known Jeremy since 1995-1996 when I used to run into him at tournaments all over Houston. He always played hard and to take down the cash, but I never saw him cheat. My .02? Critical mistake but an honest one. I don’t think (for whatever reason) he knew. And for those who say he wasn’t...
  2. HouTexPlayer


    I’ve been on AZ for years and this is the fastest I’ve ever seen a thread grow. At the end of the day “If it bleeds, it leads” can be applied in varying contexts to most media. Controversy results in eyeballs on pages and in this case, I’ll bet that it will also result in increased ticket sales...
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    It has the potential to be a train wreck, although should prove great for viewership and ratings either way.
  4. HouTexPlayer

    SVB vs Chang Update Thread

    If you bet on a race to 120 games and gave up 8.5, then at 112 it was over - regardless of where it went from that point IMHO. If you bet and agreed with the perspective above then you probably paid off - if you didn’t see it that way, then that’s between you and the person you bet with. I had...
  5. HouTexPlayer

    Team USA will not have Justin Bergman at Mosconi Cup

    The announcement of it could have been handled better which is key these days. In many instances how something is delivered has grown to be more important than the message itself. At the end of the day, for whatever reason he’s not playing this year. Find a suitable replacement and move ahead.
  6. HouTexPlayer

    Sold FS: New BK Rush Break Cue (Wrapless)

    Sitting here ready to send to you - I'll go $550.00 shipped - PM me if you want it - thanks!
  7. HouTexPlayer

    Sold FS: New BK Rush Break Cue (Wrapless)

    Bump to the top - looking to move this so let's say $575.00 or best offer - PM me if you're interested - thanks!
  8. HouTexPlayer

    Sold FS: New BK Rush Break Cue (Wrapless)

    Brand new, never even been test hit. I threw away the sleeve and the other things that come with it so this is the cue only. It's still in the wrapper with the joint protectors. First $600.00 shipped via Paypal F&F takes it. I'll cover shipping to you in the lower 48 states only - will not ship...
  9. HouTexPlayer

    Sold FS: 2 Cue Package - Players and Karella

    Sent you a PM. Thanks!
  10. HouTexPlayer

    Sold FS: 2 Cue Package - Players and Karella

    These are just sitting around and I figure they would be perfect for someone who has children who want to learn to play or are looking for a cue that they don't mind taking into a bar. Both are around 19 or 19.5 oz and in perfect condition. I don't want to sell separately so first $115.00...
  11. HouTexPlayer

    Sold Schlemke Purpleheart Break Cue

    Used for about 4 months - perfect condition - 19.5oz approx. Phenolic tip. Very durable - no deflection - stiff hit and I've enjoyed playing with it. Only reason I'm selling is that I found the right deal on a BK Rush to replace the one that was stolen from my car earlier this year. First...
  12. HouTexPlayer

    Fight at pool bar in Dallas

    There's always been fighting in pool halls/bars. Alcohol, testosterone and gambling can be a volatile mix. The difference today is that people don't seem to have the same level of restraint and it escalates from just throwing hands to someone going for a gun much more quickly...
  13. HouTexPlayer

    WTB: BK Rush Break Cue

    Thanks for the great communication - look forward to receiving the cue!
  14. HouTexPlayer

    Scam Alert: - New member: bmmerlord

    Perhaps you didn’t notice the other people who commented in this thread about their interactions with this member? Not judging him because he’s new to the site / judging him because he was trying to rip people (including me) off. Funny how he ceased all communication when I told him that he...
  15. HouTexPlayer

    Scam Alert: - New member: bmmerlord

    I reported it to the powers that be and I believe bmmerdouche is no longer a part of this community :) I also shared a few thoughts with him via email that may prove to be anatomically impossible should he try to do them.
  16. HouTexPlayer

    Scam Alert: - New member: bmmerlord

    Just a friendly public service announcement about a new member here "bmmerlord". He/they responded to my ad looking for a BK Rush - sent me pics of a cue that were obviously stolen from a retail website, then when I told him I wanted the break cue only and not the jump/break, lo and behold he...
  17. HouTexPlayer

    WTB: BK Rush Break Cue

    Looking for a new or used BK Rush Break Cue in black - my preference would be with the sport wrap but wrapless would work as well. Not interested in the jump/break version - just the break only cue. Please PM me with what you have and what you're asking and we can go from there. Thanks for your...
  18. HouTexPlayer

    Texas cuemaker Roger Allen passed away ...

    Just heard from a couple of friends here in Houston that Roger Allen passed away .... he was a fixture in the pool community here in Houston and worked for the last few years out of Big Tyme Billiards. One of my favorite cues to play with is a Sneaky Pete that he made years ago - good guy and...
  19. HouTexPlayer

    Anyone know Leon Sly personally?

    Please PM me if you do and would be willing to do me a favor and reach out to him directly on my behalf. I'll explain more via PM - much appreciated!
  20. HouTexPlayer

    So, how much did he lose ?

    He played, he lost, apparently he owes now - as long as the people he owes it to are OK with that and the terms associated with it, what else really matters? If it is $66K, there's no doubt in my mind that he didn't intend to lose anything close to that, but who ever does? Ego and emotion take...