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  1. Diamond Jack

    🔥 3 Gina Cues 🔥

    i hope sometimes you got a Gina Silver Black Rasputin and make hundreds first class pics for the pool world. :cool::):love:😇
  2. Diamond Jack

    🔥 3 Gina Cues 🔥

    I love your Ginas!
  3. Diamond Jack

    Best hitting cue you ever played with.

    Hi John, my best ever cue to play was a 1983 JR 7 built by Bob Meucci in Olive Branch Mississippi, it was one of 8 ever made with ivory and it stays with me till today. I bought it in Germany from Mr. Norbert Schmidt, at this time 1990 a very good Dealer from Essen, Kohlenpott. Happy 2024 Mr...
  4. Diamond Jack

    Show us your HOME ROOMS !!

    Near Cologne and Hannover in Germany is this little Billiards place...
  5. Diamond Jack

    RIP Yang 1978-2023

    Saw him 2times in Cardiff, very quiet and elegant player and he tooks JA out of the tournament. RIP Son of Pool and also not forgotten Hao Ping Chang RIP
  6. Diamond Jack

    Silver box cue in the works.

    Very nice start, can't wait to watch the finish cue and hello from Germany.
  7. Diamond Jack

    Meucci Originals DH 3

    This cue in the vid was the first Meucci that reached Germany....:)
  8. Diamond Jack

    Wildcard Pick For 2022 Mosconi Cup Poll

    Earl is in, thats all what i wanted for MC 2022 Then they play 10-10 and than comes Earl whith his smoothest stroke and voice and leads USA to the beatifuelst win ever in History !!! Hell yeahh....the poolgods are an my side:love:🥰😘
  9. Diamond Jack

    Wildcard Pick For 2022 Mosconi Cup Poll

    Earls vote nr. 57 comes from me for your eyes only....🤩
  10. Diamond Jack

    meucci love

    @mrpiper, hello from Germany, my Meucci cues are 24, 20, 39, and 7 years old, from l. to r. hope it helps
  11. Diamond Jack

    meucci love

    =7351718&hash=c390655593621ef05f0f71c1e99ef928']Attach files Save Cancel
  12. Diamond Jack

    European open finals

    Big Kisses to Emily, i love her.:love:
  13. Diamond Jack

    why is there background music at Matchroom events?

    Imagine during the whole tournament 🇩🇪 plays Metallicas Binge & Purge nonstop
  14. Diamond Jack

    Your best playing production cue

    Meucci HOF 2 :love:
  15. Diamond Jack

    Mosconi Cup 2021 Day 2 Updates

    At the moment Sky is the player to watch for me plus he had a good haircutter and he is also a Meucci Player. ;) I love this brand since 1985 :p
  16. Diamond Jack

    Mosconi Cup 2021 Day 1 Updates

    As an European i must say i missed Earl badly this year. He is the No.1 player to watch. Hi Earl, this is my song for the Cup....
  17. Diamond Jack

    Hansi Buchem

    a little 9ball game, just for fun
  18. Diamond Jack

    My new used Meucci HOF 2

    No replies till now but this Meucci is a beautie, can't understand... ah ok, may be its the low price of this one, it cost me around $400 incl. 2 shafts.:p Thx for watching this piece of timeless cue design...:love:
  19. Diamond Jack

    My new used Meucci HOF 2

    Bought this beauty with a black dot and a pre dot shaft. Love the design and the playability. Cue is in perfect shape!
  20. Diamond Jack

    Hansi Buchem

    Here my newest cue, the beautiful Meucci HOF 2 Yes, i love my new Meucci cue, looks good and plays better as it looks. ;)