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    Scott Frost challenges the world

    late night drinking will do that...LOL
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    Nostroke - Dave “Davey Gravy” Luddy

    Very sad. Dave was a good dude. RIP
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    Taom Chalk
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    Is this cue too feminine for a guy?

    .... and a shirt that says "superstar".
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    Custom cues on layaway?

    Sorry to hear that Martin. I loved that perk, more than once. Tom Waters @ Recollection Cues is another, that I’ve purchased from, who offered a lay-away. Not sure if he still does.
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    Utilizing peripheral vision during the final stroke

    Would you fire a gun or shoot an arrow while focusing on something other that the target spot…… Answer: only if you want to miss.
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    The Art of One Pocket

    Thanks for, not just the offer, but for writing this. I just ordered one. Anticipation is off the chart.
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    Reason for “expensive “ chalk

    tap tap skid...tap
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    Hey there, XPOOL ...

    Ball count is right below game count for each player
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    Sharks International 9 Ball Open (24-29 July), Philippines, Prize Fund $100K

    For sure, and Oliver reminds me of Roberto, and Michael reminds me of Lee Van.
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    Mental is ruining my game

    Learn how to breath under pressure.
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    Shooting Hard vs Rolling the Ball.

    Anyone remember Rafael Martinez ? Louie Roberts? I don't think they ever slow rolled, unless absolutely necessary. What works for some, may not work for you. Play your own game.
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    Emily interview: new US events coming?

    I'm with mister black balls... we need a big 15 ball rotation event. Louisiana would a good spot. Relabel the Southern Classic.
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    300 Ways book

    Send Bob Jewett a PM.... he may have a copy.
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    Spanish Open, June 2023, from Matchroom

    Shane and his Mom and Grandpa ….BCA
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    Spanish Open, June 2023, from Matchroom

    Don't forget the Albins...:)
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    Spanish Open, June 2023, from Matchroom

    Other Kaci, is Eklent's little brother. He mentioned it on the Doggin it Podcast.
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    Matchroom 2023 UK Open (nineball), 30May-4June, Winner $30K

    tip touched the cueball
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    Matchroom 2023 UK Open (nineball), 30May-4June, Winner $30K

    Something seriously wrong with that Fargo number. Probably has all of 5 matches. Anyone know if he's a English 8 Baller or ?