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  1. Cracktherack

    Let’s talk about spots (handicaps) when gambling....

    When it comes to spots I like to tell them to pull up their skirt and either play or watch.
  2. Cracktherack

    Pool is second fiddle to cornhole on ESPN

    I seen a corn hole hustler come in the other day. He had a custom leather case and all his own bean bags. He even had one he called "Low deflection" and one old school bean bag made by Gus Szambodi's wife.
  3. Cracktherack

    Mika's interesting shot

    Momentary stall on the cue ball with lots of spin. Mika plays lots of 3 cushion. You can use that stroke to change angle and get the cue ball to behave in a wild way, still predictable.
  4. Cracktherack

    Cesar Morales and Efren Bata Reyes.

    Now that Efren is kind of retired, If he wrote a book about his pool match-ups and traveling, I can only think that players and fans from the last 40 years would buy it. I heard he doesn't need the money.
  5. Cracktherack

    THEY STOLE MY POOL BAG! - New cue suggestions?

    Spytec makes a small GPS tracker that will fit in your case and you can track it from your cell phone. Cue cases have walked away from poolrooms forever and I've heard stories about broken car windows that happened during daylight hours. Stealing carries a penalty. The judge will never sentence...
  6. Cracktherack

    Knowing how to miss, the luck thread

    I have a jump cue, but I never use it. I kick so well, even 3 rails that I rarely leave a shot. One rail kicks, I guarantee you'll face a bank 4 out of 5 times. On yea, they call me lucky. They can't beat me in 3 cushion either.
  7. Cracktherack


    Heart is the ability to turn it on and bury an opponent, or to come back from being many points down and still win. Those that have heart, aren't trying to win by sharking you. Heart of compassion is usually coupled with good character, so when a weak player craps all over you and wins a match...
  8. Cracktherack

    ivory ban lifted?

    If you want lots of Ivory in your next cue, perhaps a half grown elephant slaughtered in front of his family will provide enough for all the inlays, joint, Hoppe ring and ferrules. You know what makes nice white inlays? The teeth of cue makers that take a deposit and never deliver a cue.
  9. Cracktherack

    Nice 8 ball run out by Chris Melling

    I heard they're now making layered tips for pool cues.
  10. Cracktherack

    Players in World Pool Masters?

    The whole list is made of bloodthirsty killers on the table. I'll cheer for Earl and Jayson.
  11. Cracktherack

    Anyone recognize this one?

    Dufferin. Before 05 was Made in Canada and a pretty decent stick. After 05, is made in China. The China cues roll flat for the first 2 weeks.
  12. Cracktherack

    Minor Honor at Our Pool Room

    Players from all over the state fear you Lyn, and rightly so they should. You have a great stroke, a head full of knowledge and an arm that can execute.
  13. Cracktherack

    How would Nick Varner match up with tony cohan today?

    Old sharks have very sharp teeth.
  14. Cracktherack

    The best sponsor for pool?

    OK, I'm watching pool on tv...I'm new to this, so tell me why doesn't the guy shoot? He walked around the table and back. He's stroking the cue into the air towards the light. He gets down to shoot and gets back up. Did one of the balls move? What is a shot clock? Why doesn't he like the way...
  15. Cracktherack

    Shipping cases

    Batter up! Come on batter batter batter batter up!
  16. Cracktherack

    Shipping cases

    Please ship US Postal. We have a couple guys trying to make the Olympic team for javelin throw and your case in a box will be good practice. If we can hit a bin on the far side of the building, we have a chance to be on the team. At night, we all give it a try between 2 and 3 AM. Heck, one guy...
  17. Cracktherack

    Tim Scruggs Cue Scam x 2 On eBay

    Can I send money Western Union Moneygram?
  18. Cracktherack

    Chess clocks solve everything...I think

    Slow players are like that all the time. I tell them to find another game.
  19. Cracktherack

    Hank Dietle's Tavern Fire

    Who was in the hot seat?