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    *** 30th Anniversary Blue Grass ***

    Wow! What a beautiful cue. Mr Harris builds an unbelievable playing cue. I’ve owned one for over 10 years and hope to never part with it. One of the best sellers on here. GLWS.
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    Wanted: Satin SW.

    Looking for a Satin SW. Let’s see what’s available.
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    The Elusive Mac Attack

    Great pick up chris. Those are awesome hard to get players. Hit them straight.
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    *** South West ***

    Greg your doing us collectors no justice by selling this cue so cheap. Great value here!
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    Replica South West - Jovi Cues (Rosewood)

    PM sent. I’ll take it. M
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    Two Southwest cues for $5999

    First!!! Let’s see them. PM sent.
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    New predate southwest cues

    I don’t believe there Pre-date. I also this you got the dates wrong. Check your paperwork.
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    WTB: South West Satin cue

    I’m looking for a SW satin cue. Something around 19.5ozs. Pls PM me with details. Thank you, Chris.
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    WTB: Ed Young cue

    I'm looking to buy an Ed Young cue. Pease PM me with details. Interested in pointed, non-pointed, wrapped, wrapless. Thank you.
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    South West 320-16 UNCHALKED 58"

    One of the best players, combined with the best sellers. Very nice SW Don. Good luck with the sale.
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    6 Joel Hercek Shafts For Sale - One Predator

    Nice collection of shafts. Do you collect butts too or just shafts?
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    I'd like to buy a couple of Predator shafts for a Southwest cue

    What’s happening Jimmy? I was just thinking about seeing if SW will make one with matching ring work to my 9 pointer. Does anybody know if SW will make them to fit a cue? I’m sure our buddy Greg would know the answer. Help us out Greg. Good luck finding your shafts Jimmy.
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    New John Barton Cases For Sale!

    Do you have any Steve Price cases for sale?
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    coca bola into coca bola south west

    The pictures are fine on my device. Nice cue. GLWS.
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    $$$ Wanted: JUSTIS $$$

    looking for a 3X6 Justis. Cash in hand. (708)473-9999.
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    Justis, engles, whitten and more

    P.M. sent.
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    WTB: South West spots!!!

    Looking for a few SW spots. Top dollar paid.
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    Derby City Classic One Pocket

    Shane could of won all 3 that year. He should of won all 3. But he made a costly mental error and fouled a ball in banks against Morra. The foul ended up costing him the match. I believe he lost count of the balls and moved the remaining balls off the table.
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    Gus Szamboti Triplets

    Great lineup Kenny. Three monsters.
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    Joel Hercek For Sale

    A few facts about this cue and the cue maker. First off it plays great. I've owned it a few years now and wouldn't be selling it if I wasn't raising funds for a house I am buying. I wouldn't sell it to fund a new cue. Joel is highly regarded as one of the top cue makers today. He is highly...