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    Making an offer on Gold Crown III

    Where are you located?
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    Nobody watches pool?

    That's correct. I have a friend who does videos on camping and homesteading. He has like 27 million views
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    XPC Xtreme Pool CChallenge

    I happen to find this on youtube. It was from 2016 and Big Bob and some other guys playing doubles one pocket. Is this something still going on? Didn't look like it was in a pool room.
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    Arrested for Ivory sale

    The use of code words demonstrates a "Consciousness of guilt". Not many defenses after that. Most of the Jan 6th people who were arrested were tracked down by amateur sleuths. Animal activists are real fanatics, it is a lock they monitor a site like this.
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    Interesting story came up on my phone mentions cue builder
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    Cue IDs and opinions

    They can be fun project cues for guys who like to work on cues as a hobby. If it is straight that BI cue could become something pretty nice.
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    Happy Birthday Danny D.

    The big 89
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    Any updates on Danny DiLiberto?

    A few hours ago on his facebook page "Most of you know I took on being my dads full-time caregiver in July of last year. Nothing was easy. There were really great days and others were the worst you can get. Long days and nights! I put my absolute all into taking care of him. About 2 months ago...
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    Any updates on Danny DiLiberto?

    There have not been any updates on his facebook lately.
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    The Great Francis L.Roberts aka St Louie Louie the memories stories . Positive memories

    Didn't know him well. He stayed in my back room for a week once. I played him in a Grady tournament when he was not at his best. I asked Grady if we should play later and he said it won't be any better. Sadly I beat him easily. I have seen him when he was at his best though and few played...
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    Bert Schrager Classic 6-Point Unsigned Cue.. Seeking Info

    What leads you to believe this is a Schrager cue?
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    Rare video of a famous pool player

    I'm confused who is that supposed to be?
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    Ever hear of this movie?

    Now I know I'm going to watch it
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    Ever hear of this movie?

    I haven't watched it yet it's on one of my Roku channels. I'll probably watch it later on tonight when the wife is sleeping put in my earbuds
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    Ever hear of this movie?
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    John notice

    I'm watching him now on YouTube.
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    Anyone remember Jimmy Hodges?

    Just happened to come across this. Are there any details of his death?
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    Vintage cue for sale on marketplace

    While unlikely, why would you post this and not just go check it out yourself? Some years ago a guy came in the pool room wanting to sell a cue and it was a Balabushka. He was a retired New York cop who actually bought it directly from Balabushka but had no clue of its value. You never know.
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    Interesting video, Fats

    I have known a lot of good game makers but they often take loses. If someone is unwilling to lose anything then why play them regardless what the game is? Did Fats ever take any serious losses? I don't want to disparage anyone, but players like Diliberto probably lost almost as many times as he...