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  1. cueman1987

    Alex brick jumper

    325 shipped . Cue is in great shape nothing wrong at all.. My pictures are awful and I can easily take better and more pics upon request.
  2. cueman1987

    Jb cases t-shirt $10

    want on ill take the one you had the original pic of
  3. cueman1987


    Predator 3142 with matching schon silver ring. Who has one
  4. cueman1987

    Looking for a schon

    Looking for a schon cue. If it has a predator 3142 that's even better. A plain jane is just fine or a higher end. I have a JoseY Cue and a bk2 to trade as well as some money. Hit me up
  5. cueman1987

    predator p3

    $ cue is sold!!
  6. cueman1987

    predator p3

    bump sorry for the awful pics. 375 . or trade
  7. cueman1987

    Who Won The State Championship

    results kenny turner, steve longiono , chuck r, tony dye, darren everett
  8. cueman1987

    predator p3

    bump 400 shipped or trade
  9. cueman1987

    Wtb: Predator p3 butt only

    butt pm sent on p3 butt
  10. cueman1987

    ****cues & cases****

    bump number 1,3,9 are sold...up to the top. make me offers and we will make it happen
  11. cueman1987

    ****cues & cases****

    sorry made an oopsie and had a typo in my email address. no problems here case is ready to go by morning. try to resend it and it will be yours in no time
  12. cueman1987

    ****cues & cases****

    sold 11. action 2x4 sold
  13. cueman1987

    ****cues & cases****

    basic info of an assortment of cues and cases. shipping will be added on (split). pm for more pics. and yes I know my feet are beauties :Dhaha 1.porper 4x8 armstrap is broken $40 2.vinicitore case 2x4 $100 3.vector jump break $40 4.predator p3 z2 shaft...
  14. cueman1987

    predator p3

    bump up to the top 450 price drop
  15. cueman1987

    predator p3

    almost spotless p3 black metallic 19 oz cue. the cue is dead straight together and apart. it has a new kamui black medium tip. it has had some play but no major Knicks. z2 shaft . pm me for more info 475
  16. cueman1987

    fs: predator 8pointer

    I am listing a predator 8 point sneaky that weights18.5oz with a 3142 shaft. the cue has been played with and it hits a ton.. it has a layered tip that I believe is a kamui.the cue is straight together and apart. it is in good condition and the dings on the cue are minimal although they are...
  17. cueman1987

    fs: 2x4 old its george

    I am listing an old 2x4 ostrich print its George case. the case does have some character haha but its a great old piece and does as good of a job as any case in protecting your cue. my price is 150 obo shipped. I might consider trades also but mainly look for cash. plz pm me if you have any...
  18. cueman1987

    wts 3142 shaft

    I have a standard predator 3142 shaft with a 5/16x18 pin. it is used but in very good condition. I also just replaced the tip. im looking to get 175 shipped for it. pm me
  19. cueman1987

    wtb z2

    thx really lookin for the 2nd generation.. I would also be interested in an ob2 or ob pro
  20. cueman1987

    wtb z2

    looking for a z2 3x8/10 or schon pin... all offers excepted.. lemme no