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  1. SmoothStroke

    Intentional sharking or not?

    A bomb can go off, it doesn’t bother me. We learn early in our pool career what sharking is and especially when your directly in the line of sight. As a spectator we know to keep still when in the line of a shot. Nervous energy my ass, that’s a move.
  2. SmoothStroke

    Advice on how to stay down on the shot more consistently?

    Pocket object ball then send the cue ball with your eyes, not your head. Head remains still, eyes shift or follow the cue ball. It’s that simple.
  3. SmoothStroke

    Feeling lucky? Mottey gambler

    Beautiful, with that case, very nice.
  4. SmoothStroke

    Frustrated with my own slow play in 8 ball

    I'm guessing you may be lacking complete control of the cue ball and your stroke technique is not perfected. Without it, everything becomes more challenging and the journey to the finish line could take a very long time because the most crucial instruments are absent. Over thinking, confusion...
  5. SmoothStroke

    Roundest ball ever made

    Doesn’t everybody?
  6. SmoothStroke

    Roundest ball ever made

    And this is why I don't post often. It's obvious none of you completed 7 years of high school. There isn't one of you who can insert a round ball in an oval peg. You all get the 7 out on a heated billiard table with somewhat round balls.
  7. SmoothStroke

    Justnum releases new bridge

    The balls are wide open.
  8. SmoothStroke

    Congrats to Mr.Mike Howerton

    Congratulations Sir.
  9. SmoothStroke

    A new way to think about position?

    It will be a very long road unless you have total control of the cue ball. I recommend learning Short Stroke, Mid Stroke, and Long Stroke technique through progressive stroke drills. Not shot drills, stroke drills. They will also sharpen your speed control. When you understand the cue ball...
  10. SmoothStroke

    Would 8 ball be much more interesting to the general TV viewing public if....

    I've said it forever, people love action and violence. Look on the stage, its the Terminator himself. Players get one slap each after every game or bring in outsiders from the audience, spouses, etc. No weight class. We could always bring in the girls, sex sells. What household wouldn't watch...
  11. SmoothStroke

    Closed Bridge Cue Slider

    That's funny, I actually did the lol thing. I never gave any thought to that excellent question. I'm married, have 3 sisters and a favorite aunt, I can color-coordinate. If you need a loaner pair shoot me a message. We can call it Smooth Stroking Guantanamo Bay Style with Victoria and Marsha.
  12. SmoothStroke

    Closed Bridge Cue Slider

    Use an old pair of underwear. You wrap the undewear around your hand and slide the cue through the peepee hole. If you're ambidextrous just turn them inside out. I've been using the same pair for 37 years. Women must make a slight incision. All these years youze guys play pool and still don't...
  13. SmoothStroke

    You Have To Be Kidding . . .

    I agree, I was busting balls, I guess he didn’t see it or ignored it. Sort of trolling to get the blood flowing in here , it’s like a morgue. The what kind of underwear do the pros wear gets boring.
  14. SmoothStroke

    You Have To Be Kidding . . .

    One of a kind.
  15. SmoothStroke

    You Have To Be Kidding . . .

    Nono, you have to mic it up. It involves the pre-shot routine of lifting of the leg and the sound of the farts while capturing the look on their faces. You get a bonus if you light the sucker. If you don't lift the leg properly it could result in a misfire or miscue. Pool is boring to watch. I...
  16. SmoothStroke

    You Have To Be Kidding . . .

    You just need hot dogs, chili, a little southern bbq and beer,,,,, problem solved.
  17. SmoothStroke

    You Have To Be Kidding . . .

    I have an older Makita corded 24'' belt sander that runs like a S.O.B. I could wire it direct and make it more aerodynamic instead of an extension cord. How much for 1st place?