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  1. gregthcarpenter

    GSBT August 25-26, 2012 $1,000 Added Amateur 9-ball at The Coliseum in Greenville, SC

    How many tables? How many tables do they have at the Coliseum?
  2. gregthcarpenter

    *** Name that Pool Hall contest ***

    pool hsll nama I didn't read all the posts so excuse me if this is a repeat . O klahoma C ue C lub
  3. gregthcarpenter

    Funny pic/gif thread...

    Chuck Noris Chuck Noris doesn't go hunting, hunting suggests the possibility of failure. Chuck Noris goes killing.
  4. gregthcarpenter

    The GSBT LIVE stream from Raisin' Cains in Inman, SC

    Bump it up for Mark parlier vs Chase Smith race to 9
  5. gregthcarpenter

    sudden death 7ball

    bump Bumpin it up,. Who won?
  6. gregthcarpenter

    Great news for me and my wife!!!!

    Congradulations Kenny. You will soon have the intended use for that baby powder.:thumbup:
  7. gregthcarpenter

    rare schon

  8. gregthcarpenter

    Guess who's getting married?

    Congrats Shannon and Marge and best wishes.:grin-square:
  9. gregthcarpenter

    rare schon

    I will take # 36 fo $15.
  10. gregthcarpenter

    Jeff Olney 6 Pts Southwest Style Cue - $14 per spot

    I would lik # 37 please.:rolleyes:
  11. gregthcarpenter

    Stick`s billiards

    I realy enjoyed the tournament Stick and will definitly be at the next one.
  12. gregthcarpenter

    Bank Pool Event in Mid North Carolina

    What is your definition of "mid-north carolina"? I live im sc and would travel as far as Charlotte.
  13. gregthcarpenter

    Must see video very funny

    lol, bump to the top so everyone can see. lol:grin:
  14. gregthcarpenter

    9ball tourny

    Sounds like it should be a good tournry, but it is the same wekend SD is having a barbox tourney in sc. :confused: I may just have to flip a coin to pick which one to go to.
  15. gregthcarpenter

    Antique Brunswick Smashed on Highway

    Thats funny, mean but funny!:grin:
  16. gregthcarpenter

    Funny pic/gif thread...

    funny pics Here are a few pics I found enjoy.
  17. gregthcarpenter

    pic test

  18. gregthcarpenter

    Funny pic/gif thread...

    People of walmart People of walmart
  19. gregthcarpenter

    Lost cue

    Bump Bump to help find my cue.
  20. gregthcarpenter

    Lost cue

    I spent the weekend in Greenville at the Palace playing in Shannons tourny, and when I was done sat. I forgot my break cue.:mad: Any help in locating it will be much appreciated. It is a 3-piece J&J costomized with a Gulyassy ferule and a joint coller added to the shaft. Thanks for reading.