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  1. djoverboard

    Cue maker / case builder question(s)

    Here’s the long story …. My father ( now. Deceased ) my brothers and I are all hunters. We have a multitude of deer hides that have been tanned. My father and mother have jackets made from them. My brothers and I wee about to have jackets made and as unfortunate circumstances would have it the...
  2. djoverboard

    Backgammon and Billiards

    So I’m reading “Running the Table “ just put it down after they were talking about Hi -pocket billiards in White Plains NY and how it had backgammon tables and this is the first post I see on here before going to bed.
  3. djoverboard

    Are there any books about the "Life" in a pool room or about one of the great "Action" pool Rooms?

    Playing off the rail was a good read. I had a book about old time greats that was borrowed and never returned. It was a good book.
  4. djoverboard

    Anyone going to Turning Shone ?

    Booked my room I’ll be around Saturday and at least part of Saturday. I don’t blend in to a crowd I have a bad limp and use a cane if you see me say hello.
  5. djoverboard

    Anyone going to Turning Shone ?

    I stayed at the Laquinta a couple years ago it works and it’s close maybe I’ll see you this weekend
  6. djoverboard

    Anyone going to Turning Shone ?

    Anyone heading to Turning Stone this weekend ? I see Shane don’t make it. I’m still thinking about it. I would drive over on Saturday get a room somewhere nearby got the night. See don’t of Saturday and Sunday. Do any players (after being knocked out) or fans etc go over to Syracuse pool...
  7. djoverboard

    2021 American Straight Pool Championship

    And If so how do I watch on YouTube? I guess I’m getting old and technology challenged
  8. djoverboard

    2021 American Straight Pool Championship

    Is this streaming on AZbTV?
  9. djoverboard

    Would This Cue Flaw Bother You?

    Manufacturing defect or shipping issue I send it back hating the fact that I have to start the whole process and waiting all over again
  10. djoverboard

    Wanted Mali Merry widow

    Looking for a specific Mali cue. it was the first decent 2 piece cue i ever purchased around 1989. Looking for Green label Green stain merry widow white /green spec wrap 3/10 joint preferably 19oz pretty specific I know but .... if anyone has one I'm interested message me
  11. djoverboard

    another rules question ?

    I figured there would be no rule against using multiple cues. We do not allow jump cues in our 14.1 league.
  12. djoverboard

    another rules question ?

  13. djoverboard

    unique playoff format for my league

    we play a season of two matches against each opponent (double round robin?) then thee top 8 qualify for playoffs All play is hadicapped
  14. djoverboard

    unique playoff format for my league

    My league does not use a traditional bracket style playoff. instead we use what is called a ladder format. Say our league is 16 players The first playoff match is 16 vs. 15. The winner then plays #14 the winner then plays #13 and on down the line. It incentivizes and rewards people to...
  15. djoverboard

    another rules question ?

    Before the start the start of my straight pool playoff match last night my opponent asked this question. "I have my cue that I'm shooting with and I have another cue with an extension that I want to use if I need to reach for a shot. Is it legal to change cues?" I told him I really didn't...
  16. djoverboard

    Jay I posted today in the for sale section an item I thought you, as a writer, might have...

    Jay I posted today in the for sale section an item I thought you, as a writer, might have interest in. They are hand made pool cue pens with a stylus tip. While I am sure most if not all your writing is done a computer but thought you might be interested.
  17. djoverboard

    Pool cue pens handmade cocobolo and curly maple

    These pens are hand made spliced cocobolo, and maple, inlaid blue diamonds, with curly maple shaft. The tip is a rubber stylus for tablets and phones. I am selling these for my uncle who made me the first one for Christmas. The amount of of time and craftsmanship in this pen is incredible! This...
  18. djoverboard

    Legends of One Pocket - cool photo

    I can't say I knew Crazy Frank but did see him in pool rooms around Buffalo and the casino poker room. As the link above points out he was a classic poolroom character. I believe he was permanently banned from the poker room in Niagara falls for collusion. I never saw him in real action and he...
  19. djoverboard

    Thinking of calling it a day......

    Snooker is great to improve your stroke. You have shoot pretty darn true to run balls on the snooker table. When I was houseman at a local room and practiced on the snooker table regularly I was at the top of my game. Of course that was 20- 25 years ago but I’m only 5-6 years older than you