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  1. Pushout

    "Color of Money"Joss cue

    Put this in the for sale section of Marketplace.
  2. Pushout

    How to combat slow players?

    Oh, yeah, I remember him well! Slowest player I ever saw!
  3. Pushout

    The Player (1971) w/ Minnesota Fats.

    I honestly just can't make myself watch it.
  4. Pushout

    Your 1st Cue, 30 Years Later

    I've owned about that many myself. I often sold one cue to buy another, never thinking I'd have any reason to have more than one playing cue. My custom Joss from Dan Janes. My rosewood Southwest. My rosewood wrapless Kevin Varney. And more. Sigh.
  5. Pushout

    Playing Under the Influence

    In the early '70s I played some of the best bar table pool of my life up to that point, while on a mixture of wine and MaryJane. Never tried it again, though.
  6. Pushout

    RIP - Pretty Boy Floyd

    I seem to remember that Jimmy had a standing offer for many years to play anybody Straight Pool for $10.000. Anyone remember this?
  7. Pushout

    The Best Affordable Cuemakers Today?

    Mike told me some time back that he would make a wrapless cue for $1100.00.
  8. Pushout

    RIP - Pretty Boy Floyd

  9. Pushout

    Some of you may appreciate this...

    I know a girl here in South Carolina who had a 9 ball tatooed just above her butt crack. She showed it to me and a friend and the friend said "Look, that 9 ball is headed right fot the pocket!" She ran off laughing to tell her girl friends.
  10. Pushout

    Congrats to Mr.Mike Howerton

    Congratulations, well deserved!
  11. Pushout

    old school drills?

    And he used to spend an hour playing himself safe.
  12. Pushout

    Golfing; Keith McCready Style

    Love it!!!
  13. Pushout

    The Hustler > The Color of Money > ???

    I've heard this many, many, times over the years. I doubt any movie would have much effect today. But, ya never know!
  14. Pushout

    Vacuum Recommendations

    I've used a 1 hp Shopvac for over 20 years. Using the bristle attachment.
  15. Pushout

    CJ Wiley

    Just watched just now on Demand.
  16. Pushout

    CJ Wiley

    I looked on my computer/tv and it's scheduled to run at 11:00 am EST.
  17. Pushout

    Playing 3 person Cut-throat

    Playing since the mid '60s and never heard of this.
  18. Pushout

    John Nemec Cues

    Did you have a picture?
  19. Pushout

    Scott the Shot Smith RIP

    Very sad to hear this. He will be missed and remembered.