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  1. rzrbak98

    steve cook mem. 2013

    tournament is it a open or handicap
  2. rzrbak98

    Steve Gumphrey Memorial Tournament

    thank you thats awsome jam thank you.
  3. rzrbak98

    Steve Gumphrey Memorial Tournament

  4. rzrbak98

    $3, 500+added 8ball and one pocket event Battle on The Bar Table Tour

    fees whats the entry fees to both tournaments.
  5. rzrbak98

    WTS Jay Flowers Tribute Case 2/4 Black

    case very nice case its a steal at that price
  6. rzrbak98

    Howard, Patrick, Joss, Douglas, Omen....FOR SALE

    i like that howard alot good looking cue.
  7. rzrbak98

    Mike Durbin Wrapless w/2 13 mm shafts like new f/s or trade

    good buy bump for a looking and playing cue by imo one of the best cue makers in the land and your right the pics do not do this cue justice. Good luck on your sale homie.
  8. rzrbak98

    WTF!! 3/8 10 sneaky butt

    thank you everyone i found one on ebay. And another big thank you to one of the best guys i know brent heartman.
  9. rzrbak98

    windy city leftover > purpleheart & holly butterfly

    Brent your work is getting better and better everytime i see a new cue of yours.
  10. rzrbak98

    WTF!! 3/8 10 sneaky butt

    yea brent its in a case put up its kinda means alot to me and thats where im gonna keep it thank you so much for it. The picks of your new butterflys are better than ever.
  11. rzrbak98

    WTF!! 3/8 10 sneaky butt

    dont really want a j/b but thanks tho.
  12. rzrbak98

    WTF!! 3/8 10 sneaky butt

    Hi everyone im looking for a 3/8 10 sneaky butt only for a break cue looking to stay under a $100 or close to it lets see whats out there thanks guys.
  13. rzrbak98

    Free DVD Giveaways of Power One Pocket and Frost vs Joyner!

    it would be awsome to win these.
  14. rzrbak98

    WTB BK2 Shaft

  15. rzrbak98

    WTB BK2 Shaft

    Im looking for a good used BK2 shaft.
  16. rzrbak98

    $2500 added 9ball nov 26,27,28

    bump for a great tournament
  17. rzrbak98

    MAY 22-23, 2010 in Conyers, GA= $1500 Added "HANDICAPPED" Tournament on 7' Tables

    If i wasent going to be in vegas till the 24th i would gladly be there. Ive been dieing to come down there since the DCC.
  18. rzrbak98

    The Billiard Club Mobile Alabama Monthly $5000 GUARANTEED 9 Ball Tournament

    Are you haveing a 5000.00 added the first weekend in june.
  19. rzrbak98

    $3500 added Guaranteed!!! April 2,3,4th

    1 shane winters (13) 2 john hennesse (14) 3 nate houge (7) 4 brian mmullin (7) 5 tony fargo (12) 6 chris busby (10) i dont have payouts right now
  20. rzrbak98

    $3500 added Guaranteed!!! April 2,3,4th

    Last bump for a really good tournament.