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  1. Rocket354

    Rhino carbon fiber

    What event preceded/caused this damage?
  2. Rocket354

    Your thoughts on '3 fouling' your way to victory?

    I've 3-fouled opponents twice. Once during the league national championships in Vegas. My opponent seemed to respect the play. The other time was during actual league play at my local dive. The guy was visibly, but quietly, grumpy. His spectating wife was not so quiet, making condescending...
  3. Rocket354

    Does anyone call a miscue hit a foul if the ball lifts off the table?

    I've called a foul when someone who was jacked up about half way and attempting to draw miscued and the cue ball deflected off the ball in front of it jumped up and actually rolled down his shaft. His response: "what?? miscues are fouls now??" No, but that one was...
  4. Rocket354

    St Louie Louie Feature Film

    Am I to assume that if no production ever starts, that is, it never actually gets picked up by anyone, then the investor(s) would be out their entire investment?
  5. Rocket354

    What tip you do you play with?

    I play with a Triangle. I've never played with a layered tip I liked better, or even as much. Lots of folks seem to like Kamui for layered tips these days.
  6. Rocket354

    Why different shaft diameters for different games?

    There are plenty of people studying math at high levels. They are the ones who have to design and program all the software packages that run through actual calculations quickly. (As well as advance the field so that new technologies can emerge. ) I agree that many are math illiterate...much to...
  7. Rocket354

    When do you play at your best?

    I play my best when I don't have any expectations. This usually comes about when there's a dramatic skill difference--either I'm way ahead or way behind. In either case I'm not concerned and so I If I'm much better--I already know I will win--I'm not really concerned that the other...
  8. Rocket354

    Why different shaft diameters for different games?

    Ultimately, whatever feels best is what's best for you. And, of course, what you are used to. I've gone from 13mm solid wood -> 12.5cf -> 11.8cf -> 10.5cf all in the last 3+ years. Hopefully I'll finally stick to this most recent change so I can just focus on my game.
  9. Rocket354

    Why different shaft diameters for different games?

    FWIW, I felt much the same way about CF. I can't stand a Revo, for example. I'm ok with a few other brands. But the Cynergy really is quite good at keeping a hit close to wood. If you haven't tried it, definitely give it a go. (They do not sponsor me in any way; I'm just a satisfied customer who...
  10. Rocket354

    Why different shaft diameters for different games?

    I recently switched to a 10.5 CF shaft for pool. I have absolutely no loss in feel or in any ability, including table-length draws. In fact, I think I'm performing better at most shots simply because I have better cue ball visibility and feel like I can more precisely determine the tip's contact...
  11. Rocket354

    Why different shaft diameters for different games?

    I think this hits on it. When wood was the only material available for shafts, people wanted a certain hit/feel to it, with enough sturdiness to confidently move the balls around. So 13mm became standard, with some people venturing down towards 12. I don't think I ever heard of a shaft smaller...
  12. Rocket354

    Why different shaft diameters for different games?

    Doesn't carbon fiber change that?
  13. Rocket354

    Why different shaft diameters for different games?

    A snooker ball is 33/16" in diameter. A pool ball is 36/16". So a pool ball is 12/11 the diameter. That is just over 9% bigger by that measure. What that means is that by cross-sectional area a pool ball is about 19% bigger, and by volume (and, presumably, mass) a pool ball is just under 30%...
  14. Rocket354

    Not for sale, just looking for current value

    With inflation, that 225 was more like 450 today. So it's really 450->175. On the other hand, you also got 25yrs of use out of it. So, I agree, not too bad.
  15. Rocket354

    Using More Centerball

    As a practical question, I would define center ball as anything that doesn't produce any visible side spin. It would take some specific and exhaustive testing and/or some complicated math to figure out what exactly that width is, but I'd bet a lot it's more than an infinitesimally small width...
  16. Rocket354

    Using More Centerball

    If we accept that the contact point is 1mm wide, then there's an argument that "center ball" can be as wide as 2mm.
  17. Rocket354

    Using More Centerball

    If there's no sidespin, you hit it.
  18. Rocket354

    Mezz Air Drive 3 released today!

    I've actually met very few people who have said they think they can buy their game. In fact, that number is actually zero at the moment. Most people I've talked to about it believe that any quality equipment (ie, not a warped cue with splinters on the handle and no tip) can work. Some people...
  19. Rocket354

    Using More Centerball

    Perfectly center ball, or the center axis? I imagine the amount used depends very much on the player. And of course even then would vary quite a bit based on situations.
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    Alternating Break Poll

    I voted yes, but that's for strong players. For league play, some of these 300ish players get no advantage from breaking. They rarely make a ball, and scratch surprisingly often. As well, they are less accustomed to deal with the clusters their poor breaks leave. But at 600+, sure it helps the...