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    Do's and Dont's Guide To Ordering Custom Cues

    This thread is pretty funny.
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    *-*-*genuine ringtail lizard wraps*-*-*

  3. jhanso18

    $~$~$~$ KEITH KUSTOM KUE $~$~$~$ Ebony Hondarn Rose Wood Burl, American Holly, Turquo

    Ebony Hondarn Rose Wood Burl, American Holly, Turquoise, with Monitor Lizard Wrap. 18.5 oz. 2 shafts @ 12.5 mm 59.5" long sib m tip $3500 O.B.O. + shipping & fees (Or can send money as friend.)
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    *-*-*genuine ringtail lizard wraps*-*-*

  5. jhanso18

    *-*-*genuine ringtail lizard wraps*-*-*

  6. jhanso18

    *-*-*genuine ringtail lizard wraps*-*-*

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    *-*-*genuine ringtail lizard wraps*-*-*

    Post all the wraps!!!
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    *-*-*genuine ringtail lizard wraps*-*-*

  9. jhanso18

    *-*-*genuine ringtail lizard wraps*-*-*

    I have several options inbound. I should have them all delivered in about a week, so turn around time for delivery is about 2 weeks out. Genuine Ringtail Lizzard- highly figured natural rings. Size of wraps 13.8"x 4.8" They already thinned to 0.6mm. I have several options, and will verify...
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    USA MC Captain

    Cleary gets my vote.
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    TWO cue balls signed by SVB Won these at a charity event last weekend. I don't need them. $15 starting bid, and they're both aramith cue...
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    Is Shane the best American ever at both

    What's comical about the above statement is the notion that pool has official "World" titles... There is barely any sanctioning body to begin with for pool. The world titles are nearly worthless. How can you consider another 9-ball tournament harder to win over the U.S. Open? The competition...
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    Is Shane the best American ever at both

    If SVB isn't the best, who can he get weight from?
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    2016 JFlowers Upgrade cue cases by Jiasen

    What is the price for one of these? Shipped to USA, zip 57105
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    Who would you bet your last on in 9-Ball or Ten-Ball,today?

    In a race to 100, there is only one horse in the race. SHANE.
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    My dream table

    Great table!!!!!!!
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    AzB Contest for Keith McCready T-shirt (1st place) and Photo (2nd place)

    18 and 35 Thanks JAM, I'd like to hit you up for one of those shirts regardless.
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    Need Cue Case

    any of these should fit the bill. I have a couple 4x8 soft cases for this exact purpose, this one in particular has been good to me. Obviously its not the biggest baddest protecting a...