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  1. Drop The Rock

    Production Cue you Swear By.....

    Another for Mezz I play custom and plain maple now, but Mezz products are excellent IMO. I have had one of their sneakies and two different shafts. All good things.
  2. Drop The Rock

    Which carbon shaft

    Mezz, Becue, Revo 12.4. In that order. Meucci has had quality issues that deeply concern me. There have been several people who received warped shafts. They are cored with wood and surrounded my carbon fiber. I don't know enough about the Gos
  3. Drop The Rock

    OB Carbon fiber shafts

    Uh They sound like the last two Mezz shafts iterations, which were great, but I don't know if they can replicate the feel or fairly claim that what they are doing has never been done before.
  4. Drop The Rock

    Breaking With A Black Ultra-Skin Soft Tip

    hmmm I always seem to notice playing tips mushrooming a little here and there but would't that be from using a lot of english??? It would stand to reason that hitting the edges of the tip would cause it to deform? Maybe? Idk. I do agree though, Ultra Skin tips are great. I'm a huge fan of...
  5. Drop The Rock

    Craziest shot you ever performed

    hmmm I made a Z shot playing my friend who is a much better player once. We were playing 10 ball on a very tight table. It was about 3/4 of the table distance and the object ball was just off the foot rail at the middle diamond. BY FAR the coolest story was shooting no look spot shots with...
  6. Drop The Rock

    10 Ball Break

    another one
  7. Drop The Rock

    10 Ball Break

    found one
  8. Drop The Rock

    10 Ball Break

    hmmm There are YouTube videos of both Corey and Thorstan, making several balls on the break in 10 be on 7 ft. tables and they are very symmetrical. Understanding where each ball is supposed to go/can go naturally is half the battle. If you are using a template, the where you are hitting the 1...
  9. Drop The Rock

    UBL: Why So Little Discussion?

    hmmm Ol Captain Hook had another league a few years back, anybody know what happened to that?
  10. Drop The Rock

    My experience playing Alex and Dennis

    Thanks! I tried to articulate the experience as honestly and clearly as I could. Glad you enjoyed it!
  11. Drop The Rock

    My experience playing Alex and Dennis

    Thanks! That means a lot coming from you Jay. I sincerely appreciate it. I love the game of pool and want to continue the journey. If you find yourself in Houston. Feel free to send me a message.
  12. Drop The Rock

    My experience playing Alex and Dennis

    Well, I was born in Calgary, but moved away before the French had a chance to stick :wink:
  13. Drop The Rock

    How would you run this?

    For S&Gs I would try and draw three rails with bottom right. For the cash, cut the 2 thin into the 3 and try and play safe two rails.
  14. Drop The Rock

    My experience playing Alex and Dennis

    Let me start off by saying I'm an improving player. I started playing pool in October of 2013. I had a fairly natural inclination for ball pocketing, but that is about it. I got very addicted to pool, pretty much immediately. Many cues, thousands of hours of table time, a lot of cheap action...
  15. Drop The Rock

    Gambling With Someone That Can't Afford To Lose (long)

    hmmm I have met a few guys like this before. They were more addicted to action than pool. Pool was just another means of gambling for them. I am the opposite. Action is a means for me to play with more pressure at times. I will always be more addicted to pool than the action. That being said...
  16. Drop The Rock

    A little Love for Morra

    Break I was around him this weekend at the Big Tyme Classic (Buddy Hall Classic) and on the 9ft he was breaking right handed. I think he was breaking lefty on the bar table, but everyone was cut breaking so he didn't need much power.
  17. Drop The Rock

    Cuetec CF shaft

    paint Hill Billy used to do that when he played with OB. You could probably used nailed polish lol.
  18. Drop The Rock

    Cuetec CF shaft

    hmmm Adding a ferrule will change the deflection. Its carbon fiber, you can paint it post production.
  19. Drop The Rock

    Mezz cue with Hybrid Pro 2 shaft. Opinions from users please

    Solid The most solid feeling LD shaft ever
  20. Drop The Rock

    Concentration! How do the best do this?

    hmmm It all depends on the situation for me. I have played my best pool in dead focus, and played my best pool unconscious. I ran a two pack without knowing it until after it happened once. One thing I have noticed, is conserving concentration and mental strength, is just as important as...