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  1. johnnyfields

    ISO...C-1 McDermott cue

    message me if someone wants to sell one😀
  2. johnnyfields shot glove!!!

    Mika immonen endorses them........if anyone can get me one let me know please
  3. johnnyfields

    want to trade...Kevin Varney and Alex Brick

    Alex brick Sold the alex brick sorry
  4. johnnyfields

    $2500 ADDED 10ball tournament

    40 already signed up and this is going to fill........Next week the place is getting all diamond tables. Going to be a great tournament. This is located in Appleton Wisconsin
  5. johnnyfields

    want to trade...Kevin Varney and Alex Brick

    Purple heart jumpbreak stained black with matching joint protectors 12.75mm...Kevin Varney....or $275 Diamond Wood jumpbreak Alex Brick used for about 2 days!!!! or $300 Looking to trade if anyone has something and wants one of these
  6. johnnyfields

    Kevin Varney Cue......$320

    Kevin Varney.....PurpleHeart Jumpbreak Stained Black The cue jumps Awesome apart and together. Couple small dings in the butt and the shaft is perfect. I have matching joint protectors also for this cue. Not really sure what this cue is worth but I heard Kevin passed away last year and Its...
  7. johnnyfields

    wtb....10ft snooker table

    Got a buddy that owns a pool room looking for a snooker table anyone know of anybody. post pics if you can please
  8. johnnyfields

    W.T.B......predator 314...2

    I'm a Jacoby dealer and I play with the hybrid but a buddy wants a tried talking him into a hybrid but don't want to change
  9. johnnyfields

    W.T.B......predator 314...2

    Any predator dealers? Or someone with 314 2 shaft that Is 5/16-14 to fit a Jacoby cue....
  10. johnnyfields

    Air 2.....$130 shipped

    Use very little so selling. Perfect shape and only selling for $130 Shipped I don't want to waste time and put pics on here so if you want text me and I will send pics ( 920 ) 850-9492 thanks
  11. johnnyfields

    ~Fields 2x4 Tube case for SALE~

    Cases Very nice case. How much is something like this? Do I get a discount because my last name is fields? Maybe we are related somehow. Lol. Where are you from?
  12. johnnyfields

    ***F/S Mezz Package (EC7,PB Pro-R, Airshooter, 2x3 case)***

    Break cue Would u sell the mezz power break cue by itself and how much?
  13. johnnyfields

    WTB: Butterfly Case

    Case Sold sold sold..........
  14. johnnyfields

    WTB: Butterfly Case

    butterfly case I have a Castello that is in great shape.....4/8 you can have it for $200 plus shipping
  15. johnnyfields

    Wtb pool table jewelry

    Private message me if you have a pool table necklace for sale
  16. johnnyfields

    Great looking schon !!!!

    Any offers?
  17. johnnyfields

    LTB a schon butt:

    Schon I have one for sale on az now!!! Click my name and look at posts. I can keep shaft and just sell butt
  18. johnnyfields

    Great looking schon !!!!

    This is my old schon I was playing with. I get sponsored by Jacoby now so I'm selling. Couple little dings in the cue but over all in great shape. Asking $750 and that comes with a Jacoby Hybrid shaft. The shaft has a Kamui clear tip and the shaft is just under 12.75mm....forgot it has a...
  19. johnnyfields

    Jacoby Hybrids and Jump cues!!!

    To the top!!!!!!
  20. johnnyfields

    9 Old Schon Shafts FS

    schon shaft Just got mine in the mail today..........LOVE IT !!!! Wish I had more $$$ I would like to buy more of them. People you better get them fast