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  1. MoonshineMattK

    When to replace cloth

    In a home setting simonis will never wear out. You might rip it or spill food on it and cause and issue but it will never wear out.
  2. MoonshineMattK

    Newsflash: yapping dog finally gets off porch, barely wins over traveling case maker. -2014

    John Sent an email 10/25/22 to to order a case. Have yet to hear back.
  3. MoonshineMattK

    Tables, etc. for sale in Racine,Wisc.....................

    Your facebook link doesn't work for me. Is it a private group or something? Thanks
  4. MoonshineMattK

    Duell was young

    One of the TAR videos a while back with Duell had him telling road stories from those days. Was a fun listen.
  5. MoonshineMattK

    EFREN’S Z-SHOT ... The Final Chapter

    Thanks for posting this Dave. To me this shot epitomizes what makes Efren the greatest of his era. He never gives up.
  6. MoonshineMattK

    Question Regarding Diamond Ball Polisher - Loading Up Less Than 8 Balls?

    I would polish the whole set together to keep wear uniform
  7. MoonshineMattK

    Clean cloth

    Putting the cloth through a washing machine will raise nap all over. But it will be clean
  8. MoonshineMattK

    Clean cloth

    Vacuum the dust and chalk. Clean water with a lint free rag for spills. I'm not sure you will be able to get any stains out but in my experience the cloth is still playable after cleaning with water. Don't drown the table
  9. MoonshineMattK

    Gold Crown rail question

    Those would be Ford model T's They also have new tires available
  10. MoonshineMattK

    Gold Crown rail question

    "Coker Tire Company offers several authentic Model A tires in both blackwall and whitewall styles" Choose a different analogy Glen ;)
  11. MoonshineMattK

    Any player still use Schon cues?

    Did you post somewhere what cuemakers you concider to have good designs?
  12. MoonshineMattK

    Funny pic/gif thread...

    Not to derail the laughs too far but it seems over 50% of the 2020 gun deaths were suicide. What of the remaining 50% were gang/drug related?
  13. MoonshineMattK

    Best Player that Quit Early on
  14. MoonshineMattK

    Best Player that Quit Early on

    Somewhere I remember listening to an inter view with Ronnie Allen where he heaped serious praise on Worst.
  15. MoonshineMattK

    Best Player that Quit Early on

    Harold Worst
  16. MoonshineMattK

    Is Schmidt's and charlie 626 Legit

    I've been really confused about bitcoins supposed value too. Seemed like a good way to avoid taxes for a while but outside that I just don't get it. I understand the total amount being limited. But to me, Bitcoin is more imaginary than the fiat currency bitcoin proponents belittle. Sure, dollars...
  17. MoonshineMattK

    My Meucci MO11 Pics

    Might leave it alone. Honest wear is not a bad thing.
  18. MoonshineMattK

    Production Cues used by Pro Players
  19. MoonshineMattK

    Production Cues used by Pro Players

    Thought it was a Schon R2 butt. Maybe Joss shaft?
  20. MoonshineMattK

    Ultra long pause on delivery stroke - CISERO MURPHY

    Thanks for the post. I'd never seen him play before. Definitely smooth and effortless. Billy is the gold standard for pool commentary.