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    Pool table mechanic needed in WA

    Hello folks, Seeking for some help here. Almost in an act of desperation since I can’t find a decent pool table mechanic in the area. I live in Clarkston WA about 2 hours south of Spokane. For the life of me I can’t find a good pool table mechanic in the area. Glen Hancock is in the area but...
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    Guerra Vs. Tonkin

    Thank you my friend! I didn’t want to move but wife wanted to be closer to family so we had to.
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    Guerra Vs. Tonkin

    Thank you. More on my Facebook page at
  4. Guerra Cues

    Guerra Vs. Tonkin

    Also Larry Vigus is an outstanding friend to have. Amazing person and his cues are amazing as well.
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    Guerra Vs. Tonkin

    I also went the Predator style bumper for extensions, easier for the user and lots of extensions out there that will fit it too.
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    Guerra Vs. Tonkin

    Thank you for your kind comments. I’m not an internet cuemaker, I have a real shop, real wood, real equipment, unfortunately I don’t have the time I would like to have because I have a full time job and a family. Also had some serious health issues in the last 3/4 years that are under control...
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    Guerra Vs. Tonkin

    The problem is that with the bumper that had a thread made the butt cap weaker and in some cases I had customers that broke the butt cap when they hit the cue on the concrete floor.
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    Guerra Vs. Tonkin

    Pete makes an amazing cue, you will not be disappointed at all. If I can make a cue one day with half of his CNC skills I would be super happy. I have always been a bit “famous” for the figure of the woods I have on my stash and the combos I make. If you pick up any of my cues feel free to...
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    Guerra Vs. Tonkin

    Hi there, I have been making cues for about 14 years now. Through the process I went through a divorce and had to buy equipment again. Moved 3 times unfortunately and that set me back immensely costing me ginormous amounts of money, headaches and health issues, but that most of you never heard...
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    FS: Radial sanding mandrels @ 0.850”

    Hello, Up for sale radial pin sanding mandrels @ 0.850”. Mandrels made by Tom Migliore. Price is SOLD for the set plus shipping.
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    Changing My Cue Vault Extraordinarily

    Hello Will, Absolutely amazing. Your room is stunning and I love that new rare table. Before I ever played pocket billiards I learned how to play carom billiards. I would love to see your room in person one day. Being a cuemaker for the last 14 years makes me appreciate so much more your role in...
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    FS: Tom Migliore radial pin sanding mandrels

    Hello fellow cuemakers and hobbiests! For sale 10 radial A joint 3” pins (aluminum and brass), 4 radial joint pins brass and stainless steel SOLD! Radial sanding mandrels at 0.850” - $250.00 plus USPS priority mail. The sanding mandrels were made by Tom Migliore, super tight tolerances as usual...
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    Porper B Set Up Recommendations

    Check the power feed. Make sure when you pull and push the big wheel it stops or starts. Just make sure is lubricated and cleaned.
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    FS: quilted maple

    I have some quilted maple available. Squares will be around 23”-23.5” long by 2” or I can cut it to 1.5”. Price will be $35 per square plus shipping. Let me know how many squares do you need.
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    FS: HOW medium tips

    I have 10 HOW medium tips for sale. Price is SOLD for priority shipping.
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    Custom cnc

    Agreed. Really stupid to erase the question… was that a secret [emoji850]?
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    Porper B lathe suggestions

    I agree with Mike here. I just bought new 3/8 turning holders and it’s all good.
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    FS: More odds and ends

    Still available…
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    Custom cnc

    Some pics and description of what’s included in terms or motors, dimensions, controller would be appreciated.
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    FS: More odds and ends

    A few more odd and ends for sale: Mitutoyo 1” caliper, measures in inches and mm $50.00 3/8”-16 4” long tap $40.00 Porper Cue Rite tip shaper $40.00