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    Best template rack?

    Accurack is the best IMO.
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    If you could only play on bar box's in bars would you hang up your cue?

    All I have is my 7’ Beach and im not quitting... Its all I can fit comfortably in my house. One day ill go 8’
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    Billiards Digest Magazine - Back Issues

    Hi im looking for Jan and Feb 2021 back issues of Billiards Digest. If you have them shoot me a price shipped to 90278. Thanks
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    Police seize pool cues at a gambling match in the Philippines

    Darn, I missed it!
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    Wanted: Play Great Pool by Mark Wilson & Donald Wardell, MD Book

    Thats where I got mine. I saw some of Marks videos on youtube that eventually led me to the site.
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    Table Cameras

    Press "Command-Shift-5" this will bring up screen recording options with the middle buttons.
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    uni-loc is very strong!! can't even open the cue, what to do?

    Maybe put some rubber bands on it so you can get a better grip.
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    Table Cameras

    IPhone 12 Pro Max on a tall tripod. Screen Mirror to my TV. The phone will record hours of footage that I can transfer to the Macbook. Option 2, Screen Mirror directly to the Macbook for storage.
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    How common are break cues amongst avid amateur players in the US?

    I use a Rush with a Bulletproof tip. Man! Let me tell you....night and day difference!
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    First Look: Jacoby BlaCkout Dedicated Break Cue

    Nice hardware!
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    Diamond Pool Tables For Sale

    Your website is better than Diamonds. Im going to get one eventually.
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    How long does “new member” last for?

    How long does “new member” last for? Is it post count or time passed? TIA! *Test Photo*
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    Sold Simonis X-1

    Ill take it. Sending PM
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    AI-powered billiard training app

    Its working pretty well for me. I have my phone on my tripod and it picks up the table well. I was getting some incorrect scoring but if you dont walk in front of the camera and replace the balls in a smooth timely manner it works very well.
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    DrillRoom: AI-powered billiard training app for iOS

    This looks pretty cool. Im going to try it out tonight.
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    Center Pocket Music, the long-awaited CTE Pro One book, by Stan Shuffett.

    Ill purchase it. Looking forward to it. Im a believer in reading, watching, and soaking up all quality instructional material out there and seeing what sticks for me. Theres good bits in every method out there.
  17. R0B

    The Illustrated Principles of Pool and Billiards

    +1 I also think this book is great.