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  1. JusticeNJ

    SVB, Griffin, and Panozzo elected to 2024 Class of the BCA Hall of Fame

    Bravo to all three. Shane getting in was no doubt, but man I remember TAR 1! What a ride it’s been for him. I still have those old TAR matches floating around. I’ll have to rewatch them. They had Billy and Grady in the booth for a real throwback in TAR 1.
  2. JusticeNJ

    How do you dress or appear at a pool hall?

    Oy! Couple of shrimps short of a barbie that guy
  3. JusticeNJ

    How do you dress or appear at a pool hall?

    Absolutely. One of my favorite players to watch.
  4. JusticeNJ

    Stats -- Efren Reyes vs. Earl Strickland "Color of Money" 9-Ball Race to 120, November 1996

    Awesome - my favorite 9 ball match. That comeback.
  5. JusticeNJ

    Richard Black

    It's a nice cue. I believe Richard made this cue as a sort of "catalog cue" type deal. He would make the cues for the poolrooms (Dilworth Billiards in this case), and the poolrooms would later sell them to customers at retail. It's so hard to assign value to anything. For me personally, I...
  6. JusticeNJ

    Any legitimate cue dealer sites?

    Bill is still an active seller (on Facebook at least), but I don't think the Cornerstone website has been functional for a few years now. I've seen some of the cues on that website sold elsewhere by now. It sure has some great pictures though.
  7. JusticeNJ


    I live about 40 mins away, my parents are about 20 mins away. It was a considerable shake, but no damage (that we know of). Utilities all seem fine.
  8. JusticeNJ

    My Horrible experience with Kent Davis

    The wait appears to be over 10 years.
  9. JusticeNJ

    Pagulayan brand chalk - TAOM formula

    I thought that lion looked familiar
  10. JusticeNJ

    CONGRATULATIONS SVB!!!!! on Becoming the PLP Champion.

    I really wanna see Shane snap off another US Open. I think 6 US Opens would be the record for a long long time. The fields are too stacked with monster talent for someone to win 6 or 7 IMO in today's game.
  11. JusticeNJ

    RIP - Pretty Boy Floyd

    Ah terrible to hear this. RIP. Definitely one of the greatest characters in pool - a bygone kind of thing nowadays.
  12. JusticeNJ

    Hill/Hill SVB/Shaw

    Good point - guess I'm showing some age here.
  13. JusticeNJ

    Hill/Hill SVB/Shaw

    I've always heard the opposite - that the lights on the main table dry it out significantly more than the outer tables.
  14. JusticeNJ

    Bucket list

    I think he's talking about the upright stance that was the style back in the day.
  15. JusticeNJ

    World Nineball Tour Scoring

    Niels posted that he is out due to pneumonia, which might open up a spot.
  16. JusticeNJ

    Mount Rushmore of pool?

    Will no one think of the rocks?! Though, in context, maybe there is a case for Ortmann (I agree with you about Souquet being a Titan). Given the prowess of Europe in today's game, with Oliver being one of the first to really make a splash over here famously defeating Mizerak at his own game...
  17. JusticeNJ

    Mike Sigel

    I think someone should tell Johnny first, he's gonna be the most surprised
  18. JusticeNJ

    Mike Sigel

    Also $5 million!
  19. JusticeNJ

    Pattern Play

    Depends on the game, IMO. In 9 ball/10 ball, it won't be identical from player to player, but on a runnable layout it's gonna look pretty similiar. In 14.1 & 8 ball it will vary quite a bit.