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  1. cashin

    -:-:-:-:-:-:--- Bludworth Ebony and ivory ---:-:-:-:-:-:-

    The cue in my Avatar is a Searing...
  2. cashin

    Mottey 4pt 4 veneer player, 3 shafts, It’s George, Diveney

    A couple more pics A few more pics of the Mottey
  3. cashin

    Mottey 4pt 4 veneer player, 3 shafts, It’s George, Diveney

    Mottey Picture Here is one pic of the Mottey
  4. cashin

    Schon $695

    Cue pictures important Buying a cue from descripton and no pictures is like a blind date except it's harder to get rid of the cue after the date is over. JMO!
  5. cashin

    -:-:-:-:-:-:--- Bludworth Ebony and ivory ---:-:-:-:-:-:-

    Bloodworth This cue looks like one that CJ Wiley used to play with years ago............................
  6. cashin

    Mosconi Cup 2019

    US wins 2019 Mosconi Cup 11-8 Skyler beating Filler for the cheese made the win even better. Filler is a great player minus his arrogant attitude. I know he is young but he needs a little humility to go along with his talent!
  7. cashin

    Pretty veneers

    It looks like a Kenny Murrell to me.
  8. cashin

    ----->>>>>Mint Condition "AE"<<<<<-----

    This is the only fair priced cue that I have seen on AZ in a long time. GLWS!
  9. cashin

    4point james white only $1650 special

    Please list woods used and if it has veneers … the colors would be nice, joint material.. flat faced or piloted joint . weight, how many shafts , size and weight of shafts, ferrule material, wrap material or wrapless . . All important information. Thanks!
  10. cashin

    James White Like New $1800

    He's special he doesn't have to post pictures. Just the rest of us do. Nice if you can get by with it, He should sell cars and houses by word of mouth. JMO!
  11. cashin

    Pat Fleming doing well at Turning Stone

    I don't know if any have noticed or if there have been previous threads but I'm proud to see PatFleming in action and still on the winners side. Go Pat . Keep up the good play and bring it home for us old guys
  12. cashin

    Almost new GTF 2x4 $250

    No Pics? No description of color ? I might be interested if I knew what it looked like.
  13. cashin

    New "Pawn Shop Nugget"

    Agree it's not a Richard Black..
  14. cashin

    Matchroom -- PLEASE Use Jeremy Jones for Commentary Next Year.

    Bull Shit. Fatboy will verify you do bet and it's obvious you won't admit it!
  15. cashin

    Matchroom -- PLEASE Use Jeremy Jones for Commentary Next Year.

    You nailed Jay to a tee. He was trying to hide his bias after criticized for his obvious preference for team Europe.. all because he bets on them and can't hide the fact that he is rooting for them to win in order to collect the cash. Plus Jerry only states the obvious.. example , like when...
  16. cashin

    Could our Mosconi cup team beat our "B" Team

    I think they should include the Chinese or the Philippines in the Mosconi cup to play the Euros because it's very evident America has NO Chance. Embarrassing !!![.................QUOTE=The-Professor;6033802]I wasn't second guessing the picks... or saying Shane shouldn't be on the team. I was...
  17. cashin

    The Sky Is Falling

    I think he played like an amature It was embarrassing!!!
  18. cashin

    Seriously, how lame has pool become?!

    I agree completely. I went to 26 US. Opens in a row until it was becoming a little redundant and a lot of the players I grew up watching and loving to watch retired. Having said that now that the players don't have to worry about getting paid and the competition is so close in ability I...
  19. cashin

    Viewpoint Mosconi Teams

    You've got that right.Another beating is on the way. Sorry but just stating the truth. We have no chance!
  20. cashin

    WTB Predator Golden Oak P2

    I'm wanting to buy a Golden Oak P2 Predator . Must be in Mint condition and straight. Willing to pay up for the right one . Please call 540-344-8010. Thanks, Dave