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  1. BillCurran2020

    Allison's Pool Glasses?

    We make billiard glasses!
  2. BillCurran2020

    SBE 2022 | Are You Going??

    Bob from Drexeline Billiards is doing good though! He was in the office the other day. In regards to a pool hall near the expo, I see a few others already responded. Arnolds Family Fun Center is right next to the exp. It's kind of like a Dave N' Busters. They a bar, pool tables, and more if...
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    SBE 2022 | Are You Going?? APRIL 18-24, 2022 GREATER PHILADELPHIA EXPO CENTER | OAKS, PA
  4. BillCurran2020

    SBE 2022 | Are You Going??

    How does everyone feel about this year's Super Billiard Expo? Are you attending, not attending, or undecided??
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    Eye glasses for pool

    We have a March Madness Promo right now. I suggest checking out our reviews as well on our website. Billiard Website:
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    Great Video, Anthony! [MEDIA]

    Great Video, Anthony!
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    Making Eyeglasses Pool Friendly

    Take it away Anthony Beeler!
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    Making Eyeglasses Pool Friendly

    Then verses Now.
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    Is Vision Holding You Back?

    Thank you Anthony for the Video! You Did a Great Job!!! Check Out the Video and Subscribe to Anthony's Youtube Channel for More Videos Link:
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    Now Available: Billiard Camera

    That's right, the camera has been out for some time and can be bought elsewhere online. However, we modified the camera for billiard usage so it will always be parallel with the table when you get low and take a shot. Also, it's included for FREE as part of our promotion.
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    Now Available: Billiard Camera

    Visit Link Below for More Information
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    Super Billiard Expo 2019 (Hope to see you there)

    If you plan on attending Super Billiard Expo in Oaks, Pa. this week then please come by and say "Hello". Or, let us know if you plan on attending below, so we can tell you where we would be at the Expo to answer any questions regarding Billiard Glasses.
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    Cyber Monday | Billiard Glasses $399 (Complete Package)

    Billiard Glasses Special!! - Limited Time Only - - Makes a Great 2nd Pair for Current Customers - Total Price for Complete Package: $399.00 (w/ FREE Domestic USPS Shipping) Regular Price: $571.00 Total Savings $172.00 Complete Package Includes 100% Titanium Frame: $229.00 (original series only)...
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    Karen Corr - Live
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    Billiard Glasses | FREE Digital Lens Upgrade ($98.00 Value)

    FREE Digital Lens Upgrade ($98.00 Value) Order Yours, Today!
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    Super Billiards Expo

    Tomorrow is the big day. Hope to see a lot of you there!
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    Karen Corr - News

    Thank you for the kind words!!
  18. BillCurran2020

    Karen Corr - News

    $397.00 is the starting price.
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    Karen Corr - News

    What she is wearing (billiard related) is news to the billiard community.