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  1. VarmintKong

    Guerrieri Cues? $600?

  2. VarmintKong

    Where’s all the newbies(new to AZB)?

    No matter, you are the ultimate influencer. Start making 30 second videos. Here’s a sample script: AZ Bros! It’s your Boi, Mike-E! I just had to let you guys know about the new Sandy VaJayJay chalk. Click on the link to order and never miscue again. It’s bussin’!
  3. VarmintKong

    58'' standard cue length needs to be bumped to 59/60''

    I bought my son a 52” cue. There’s an infrequent shot in my basement pool room, where I need the compactness. Danged if I didn’t pull that out for a shot the other day and kept using it. Felt just fine. I find it comical when people have fancy wraps or custom shaft lengths, yet grip their cue...
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    Funny pic/gif thread...

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    nine ball changes have changed the game

    I have never played or seen push out on any shot played. Always heard about how 9 ball was played before Texas Express, but never had any glimpse into the strategy of it. Must be so much more than the push pass option after the break. How does it affect the approach to running balls in...
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    Funny pic/gif thread...

    In the fetal position, with drool on our chin We broke down and smoked weed with Willie again
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    Stupid idea? Undoubtedly, but I might try it.

    I’ve seen something like this recently, but can’t quite remember where.The hole was all the way through the ball and it had a flat spot on the bottom.
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    Overhead camera recs
  9. VarmintKong

    Throwing Frozen Object Balls Question

    Is it Byrne’s or 99 Shots that outlines the “2nd ball principle”? Can’t remember where I learned it, but I darn sure internalized it.
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    Best Spots for New Albany OH?

    Sup Pickpocket? I never get down Columbus way anymore. Played with a guy who said he was from Columbus not too long ago. Can’t remember if he said he played out of Suzi-Cue or Q-Stix. Might want to hit up @ideologist. I think he thought about opening a private room in the area a couple few...
  11. VarmintKong

    Is it 'normal' for the cue ball to jump off the rail on an 8' valley (or any table) when shot at reasonably normal speeds?

    Did you measure it up for him? What is the best way to measure the height of the cushion nose? Wooden ruler? What if your cloth plays like shag carpet? Do you just press hard as hell and hope it bottoms out on the slate?
  12. VarmintKong

    Been days research cue options. Some questions. Pechauer butt (already have) with Predator Revo shaft? Different butt?

    Sho’ nuff! I agree that if I was in your shoes I’d want the lowest deflection as a baseline and learn from there. However, it’s not the be all end all. If I was making smooth finesse spin shots and all of a sudden crapping the bed when I tried to turn it up, wouldn’t try to upgrade my...
  13. VarmintKong

    Been days research cue options. Some questions. Pechauer butt (already have) with Predator Revo shaft? Different butt?

    The line of conversation regarding tips is useless. Have you considered dancing with who you came with: That finesse shot you made to come around to center table was a thing of beauty. Trying to hit that same shot through the center of the table to sit pretty on the opposite end rail and...
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    Been days research cue options. Some questions. Pechauer butt (already have) with Predator Revo shaft? Different butt?

    ForeRail and MrMojoRisin are trying to point you in the right direction. I love my “Peach,” but the proprietary joint could be a stumbling block. I don’t want to be, “that guy,” who is always changing his shafts or other equipment in an effort to pass the buck. But hey, I get it. The Revo is...
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    Funny pic/gif thread...

    1967. Weren’t a lot of our AZB brothers coming up round that time? What were the tastiest tunes? Axis Bold as Love came out that year. My favorite Hendrix album. If I were to choose just one song for a classic rock playlist, which would make the cut? The suspects: Axis Bold as Love- Great...
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    Funny pic/gif thread...

    John Lennon’s response.
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    Funny pic/gif thread...

    Such a clutch freaking reference. Good on ya’ sir! That lyric and the verse caused some red rear ends: How utterly ridiculous! Bunch of suits guffawing. Note the proposed changes the Royal Albert Hall executive proposes are made to the song.
  18. VarmintKong

    Mexico Open, April 16-20, 2024

    I’m really enjoying this. It’s not the marquee event, but have seen some flashes of stellar play. Love seeing the different approaches and trying to notice commonalities. If this is what qualifiers for Matchroom events look like in a few years, I’llbe pretty stinking’ pumped up for it.
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    Mexico Open, April 16-20, 2024

    Ain’t that the screaming shpits. I’ve been watching this for two days now and thought that the green table cloth said Royal Pro Billiard “Club” not “Cloth”. Where’s my brain? Thinking, dang that club needs to pass around a plate and raise some money to get some carpet squares ‘round the...