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  1. muskyed

    Monday Night Dilemma

    There are two Monday night three person team leagues by me. Both places have 8 tables and both are full. I play on one of them and ea person plays 6 games. I don't come from a big metropolitan area, but some league members are traveling up to 40 miles away or so to go to league. Some are also...
  2. muskyed

    Rhino carbon fiber

    You're only talking 10 or 15 thousandths or so, but who knows with Rhino shafts. Unless you have a break shaft and a playing shaft side by side with the ferrules out, not sure how you could tell. You are the first person on this forum I have herd of breaking one of their ferrules, then to hear...
  3. muskyed

    Rhino carbon fiber

    It's my understanding that the carbon fiber break shafts, of all brands, while similar in construction, have a thicker wall.
  4. muskyed

    Rhino carbon fiber

    I don't know of any carbon fiber shaft without some form of a ferrule. Don't think that would actually be possible as the carbon tube would just cut through the pad like a knife.
  5. muskyed

    Rhino carbon fiber

    You might want to message, hueblerhustler7, as he has experimented with changing the ferrules on carbon shafts with supposedly great results. He actually has posted some great reviews on here about it. Sure beats your guy playing around with things, not knowing what the results will be. You...
  6. muskyed

    Buy UltraSkin Layered Cue Tips

    Looks to be back up and running today. Hope he's doing well.
  7. muskyed

    Aramith 2009 Premium or Premier or.... knock-offs?

    Ya, when you look up the premier balls, they look like what you got. Seyberts has pictures of both.
  8. muskyed

    Aramith 2009 Premium or Premier or.... knock-offs?

    These are premiums, new from 4 years ago, Yours are not like these.
  9. muskyed

    Intentional sharking or not?

    After watching some of those Philippine pool matches on youtube where money is flying back in forth, spectators have to get out of the way for them to shoot, marking the table before shooting, and all the movement of the spectators while they are shooting, and it not bothering the shooters, even...
  10. muskyed

    Rare bird 93 Schon 31” shaft

    Seyberts sells Schon shafts in 31". I know the last time I was at Schon, they had racks of finished shafts in multiple lengths. What they offered in the 90's' I wouldn't know.
  11. muskyed

    Diamonds clearly bank shorter than most other if not all tables…so, why?

    Ya, I think the question should actually be, Why do most all other tables bank long in comparison to Diamonds?
  12. muskyed

    Pia Filler Makes History as First (and only) Female Pro on WNT

    Most everyone loves rooting for the underdog. Could make for a more interesting and watched match. Not only that but I would think it actually puts more pressure on the top men playing her. Nothing worse than playing someone you're expected to beat. Not sure about the pros, but personally I...
  13. muskyed

    Samsung TV channel streaming pool

    Billiards tv is what it's called. Current and old stuff. Sometimes matches within days of happening. We got a new Samsung when we got internet a few months back, and it's really great as to all the stuff you can watch with internet. Also we just got to our summerplace today to open it up, also...
  14. muskyed

    First appearance of a white diamond

    Love my Diamond table, but that is the ugliest thing I have ever seen.
  15. muskyed

    Pia Filler Makes History as First (and only) Female Pro on WNT

    She is playing the women's tour right now in Tennessee.
  16. muskyed

    Rhino cf shaft

    Actually not available anywhere US, and or direct from Rhino that I could find. Been that way for over a month in the 12.5 version. I may order a 12.4 version or wait and order a radial version as I purchased a Jacoby cue also awhile back that the shaft will be done this week. If I like it as...
  17. muskyed

    Rhino cf shaft

    I have one for a Schon. As I ordered it last December they sent I think a standard insert. It's slightly loose going on, but tightens up really great. If ordering again for a Schon, I would get their tighter joint. Fantastic shaft, so much so I ordered another in 12.5mm same as before. Never did...
  18. muskyed

    Cutting a butterfly splice

    I think Studiotronics has a YouTube where he is doing this with a bandsaw.
  19. muskyed

    Diamond 9ft Pocket size..

    According to Cobra, and when I called Diamond questioning the cut on my pockets, they all are the same angle and the only reason I can think of why they drop easier on their standard cut 4 1/2" pockets would be a possible slight difference in shelf depth. You get used to it, just have to be more...
  20. muskyed

    Diamond 9ft Pocket size..

    I got league cut on my 8' for home and regret it. I would never do it again. For one thing, two balls will jam together on the pocket at times when you are trying to slide one ball in past another. It's really irritating. Second, and some may say not, but the balls actually seem harder to make...