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  1. jalapus logan

    Rhino carbon fiber

    I bought one of these Rhino shafts cuz the price was right to try something new. It's been good so far. However, for playing....wood is good. I guess I'm one of the few fools out there still throwing lumber at spheres.
  2. jalapus logan

    Rhino carbon fiber

    For the $160 that I paid for my rhino, I'm very pleased personally. Everyone's mileage will vary, obviously. But I'm the kind of guy that would pay for a Corolla rather than a Lexus. If failure rates show over time that a product is inferior, then that is another matter.
  3. jalapus logan

    Rhino carbon fiber

    Bummer. My rhino break shaft is holding up fine for what it's worth. I play a lot of 10 ball as well. Failures happen, sorry it was yours.
  4. jalapus logan

    It’s not the league

    Nice To meet you Dan. I don't visit Chicago much, but my buddy and I visited Joel Hercek's shop a few years back, great, great cue maker. Be well my friend...
  5. jalapus logan

    It’s not the league Lexington KY. The Cue Club here is pretty sweet. RJ invited me over for some onepocket a couple of weekends ago, but I had camping and hiking on the schedule for that weekend. I actually play his team in league next Thursday matter of fact. I'll be sure to tell him Quesports from...
  6. jalapus logan

    It’s not the league

    Also, in the case of BCA...your only playing 5 games of 8 ball a night. A lot of sitting around for that little table time. But it does beat sitting around at you parents house at age 46 wondering where it all went wrong and trying to figure out just exactly what resources will be available...
  7. jalapus logan

    It’s not the league

    This is true. I started playing in the BCA league again this year. 87% win rate currently, record 26-4 for the 6 nights I've played. I'll tell you what league is really good for.... getting one's mind off of pending divorce. There is one 700+ player in our league, I was hoping to get to play...
  8. jalapus logan

    It’s not the league

    RJ is now playing in my local BCA league. Seems like a nice fella.
  9. jalapus logan

    How much difference in feedback will a Supersoft/Soft tip compared to Medium/Hard tip

    I second this. Got the Willard tip tool, it's awesome
  10. jalapus logan

    your paying too much for cues

    Why hang art on walls? But people pay up to fortunes to do just that. Same with cues, cars, you name it. Budget gets the job done for sure.
  11. jalapus logan

    Wood Shaft v CF

    I see that words have been said here. The words themselves are of minimal import. The words must be experienced rather than scrutinized. And these words here....well, they certainly certainly do exist.
  12. jalapus logan

    Brunswick Spectator Chair. ESV?

    I would pay $200 for it as is. If it were closer to me, I'd probably already have it in my pool room.
  13. jalapus logan

    Love Full Splice Cues!!! Can i see some Full Splice Cues? Love the fancy ones!

    Kelly Peterson, aka MVP Cues finished out my ebony and purple heart Rounceville blank to perfection. Kelly's work is top flight in every way.
  14. jalapus logan

    Cue Tip Size And Shape Effects

    I appreciate your efforts Dr Dave. All other discussion should be diverted to a new thread to discuss how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.
  15. jalapus logan

    CONGRATULATIONS SVB!!!!! on Becoming the PLP Champion.

    That must be why I keep hearing pool needs yet even tighter pockets still. Time to try 3.25" pockets I guess. That way Filler can prove his immortality. Or, we could encourage a table that accomodates the virtues of most pool games, 9/10 ball, onepocket, banks and even 14.1 and 8 ball. I...
  16. jalapus logan

    Scott Frost challenges the world

    Gambling is for entertainment purposes only. Don't bet the rent $$$. Being a nit lock artist is preferable. I used to be in the horse betting business for years. I've seen plenty lose everything they had plus more. Fellas betting even their wive's paycheck (sorry for your loss ma'am, I know...
  17. jalapus logan

    Scott Frost challenges the world

    Based on poolroom logic, the Vegas casinos are mere nits. I think the casino shareholders should petition management to reduce or eliminate the juice, that way no one can accuse the organization of having no heart. It's really just common sense.
  18. jalapus logan

    For the Taom Chalk Users

    Honestly, I said the same thing. But I have a bad dust allergy and Taom is dust free. Masters, great and inexpensive though it may be, gets every damn where. Also I'm allergic to nickel the metal. No shit, go figure.
  19. jalapus logan

    For the Taom Chalk Users

    The only thing bad about this Taom chalk is when you play a ring game until the wee hours of Sunday morning and you leave your chalk on the pool table at the pool hall. It reduces your profit margin when that happens. With masters, I would just throw cubes around like confetti.
  20. jalapus logan

    Back pain while playing

    I do some yoga stretches each, cow and cobra. I do pushups since I'm already on the damn floor too. All that helps. I tweaked my back a few years ago doing stone work. Bad call there, been paying for that one for years.