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  1. MN Kid

    New Here? - Introduce Yourself

    Not new, but have not posted here in 4 or 5 years. Still living in Mankato, MN and playing on my Kling I refurbished a while ago. It still plays great but I see a new cloth in it's future soon. I've also got that new cue itch again 😄 Shoot straight friends, RG
  2. MN Kid

    Schon Balabushka Tribute cue

    Beautiful cue. Wish I had the money. RG
  3. MN Kid

    Question for owners of Lee Peppers cues

    I noticed a lot of build up on the burnishing paper the first few times I cleaned the shafts. I also seem to remember him selling a shaft wax as well. Maybe he treated his shafts with this wax? RG
  4. MN Kid

    Vintage ebony Meucci sneaky pete

    PM Sent PM sent your way.
  5. MN Kid


    Thanks for posting Dennis. Always love watchin Bill play. Randy
  6. MN Kid

    FS/ Joss Current Line N7 Color of Money Cue

    You are correct. The cue in the movie did not have inlays in the forearm.
  7. MN Kid

    Gene wins '15 Summer Open 8 Ball In Kato

    Congratulations to Gene Albrecht for winning the 2015 Summer Open 8 Ball at the Kato Cue Club here in Mankato Minnesota. Nice shootin by everyone. Randy
  8. MN Kid

    Ki-Tech Single Layered Tips

    Just sent off payment for s 3 pack. Thanks Chris for all your help. I'm looking forward to trying these things out! Cheers, Randy
  9. MN Kid

    Kato Cue Club

    Hope you grand opening is going well Josh! RG
  10. MN Kid

    Kato Cue Club

    They are above MY table :thumbup: Look me up when you come down. RG
  11. MN Kid

    Kato Cue Club

    Cool! Very cool. Looking forward to it! RG
  12. MN Kid

    Kato Cue Club

    If I go down there Friday, it will have to be around noon as I work second shift. I could stop in after work Friday but they will be closing up 20 min. after I got there. Maybe we could talk Josh into keeping it open longer (kidding). I love playing pool but straight pool is definitely my...
  13. MN Kid

    Kato Cue Club

    Hey Mr. G, Wish I was down there in the lone star state right now. Man, has it been cold up here lately. Hope everything is good with you. If your ever up here, let me know. We'll catch some grub at the Wheel and shoot some pool. Take care. Randy
  14. MN Kid

    Kato Cue Club

    I hope to make it down there Friday. It's been a long time since we had a place to play at here in Kato. Maybe I can find someone interested in playing some straight pool. The other Randy G :D
  15. MN Kid

    Any Word On How Danny Harriman Is Doing?

    Our prayers are with you Danny. Get well soon buddy, RG
  16. MN Kid

    Is This a Legal Shot?

    Is this possible? You shoot downward, the tip contacts the cue ball, pushing it forward into the object ball BUT it (the tip) does not leave contact with the cue ball. The remainder of the stroke would then be pushing both balls forward. RG
  17. MN Kid

    Your DREAM table?

    Here's Mine I saved this one from an uncertain death. Took 4 months to rebuild it. It turned out much nicer than I was hoping for. These things are built like tanks, and play incredible.
  18. MN Kid

    Show us your HOME ROOMS !!

    It was always a dream of mine to hunt the dark continent. What did you use to take the dagga's? Caliber? Picture? Envious in MN
  19. MN Kid

    Show us your HOME ROOMS !!

    Really love that table. I have it's cousin, the Kling. You are absolutely right, they do play like a dream. Are the mounts of your taking? Love the buffalo's. Cheers, RG