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  1. Mr. Wiggles

    Cue Makers in MD/PA/VA area???

    DZ cues. Great website. Excellent photographer and will send pics of every stage of build. Erie pa.
  2. Mr. Wiggles

    Shaw vs Orcollo OmegaTv thread

    20-18 Dennis. Break Time!
  3. Mr. Wiggles

    best cue you ever had or still have ???

    Murray Tucker full splice Purple Heart bumperless Hoppe!
  4. Mr. Wiggles

    My new Bludworth should be here tomorrow

    Nice cue! Bought a full splice sneaky years ago for $125 new! Stiff hitting player. Small blood dot indicates made by Leonard. Big dot by his son.
  5. Mr. Wiggles

    Who is maker?

    Only pic available! Not my cue. I also thought workmanship was not great.
  6. Mr. Wiggles

    Who is maker?

  7. Mr. Wiggles


    John is very generous! Donates cases for various benefits all the time. Good guy and likes to jump in the green box sometimes!
  8. Mr. Wiggles

    The Driller!

    Sad day in Okla City! Gary Drennan THE DRILLER has passed away! No details. Everybody’s pal and a heck of a player! RIP Driller!
  9. Mr. Wiggles

    Archer livestream today?

    Hogue and Archer on YouTube. Bad boys tv production.
  10. Mr. Wiggles


    Yes. And Waldo. James Walden.
  11. Mr. Wiggles


    Young guns! No big mystery here for most of you .
  12. Mr. Wiggles

    Mike Gulyassy Sledgehammer Break Cue? What do you recommend?

    Sledgehammer Early Sledgehammer will have Patent Pending above and below the logo. These are originals before Mcdermott took over. More desirable.
  13. Mr. Wiggles

    Chip vs Dennis

    Yes that one is handier than a gate on a fence!
  14. Mr. Wiggles

    Chip vs Dennis

    . Money Match Promo or something like that. It was streamed.
  15. Mr. Wiggles

    Chip vs Dennis

    Chip Compton plays Dennis Orcolo one pocket race to 7. Dennis giving Chip 10-8. Chip wins 7-3. 4.5 pockets. Nice to sweat great one hole at Bills Billiards in Okc.
  16. Mr. Wiggles

    Dumbest question ever asked on AZB....

    The higher your Fargo, the more balls you can snatch up.
  17. Mr. Wiggles

    One pocket ghost!

    Thanks Bob, and all others. I have played both sides and that’s ok, but just looking for other ways. One pocket is really growing it seems, and our own Chip Compton just took down a great player in Texas.
  18. Mr. Wiggles

    One pocket ghost!

    How do you play the ghost in one hole?
  19. Mr. Wiggles

    Favorite Joint Material, not that kind!

    Joints My only true custom cue is a Bob Dzuricky. Many options available from Bob but I went with something different. Joint is made from a cue ball and plays as good as anything imo. His web site is awesome as he shows many videos of his work. Detailed I might add. I was sent pics almost...
  20. Mr. Wiggles

    Drop pocket Diamond tables.

    Drop pocket Thank you all for the info. I’m just a drop pocket guy!