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    who likes Hard tips? have i got a deal for you!!!!!!!

    i want them!!!!! 646=573-3367
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    **Rusty Melton Fully Tooled 3x6 FS** man
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    Wtb: wrapless x-breaker break cue

    I have two of the original X-breakers. I might be willing to part with one. Perfect shape! Dennis
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    FS Rusty Melton Cases

    2x4melton super interested. dont sell it!!!!, show me the pix 646-573-3367
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    WANTED....4x8 Quality Case

    I have one.... it's gorgous I'll send you picks and a price if you are still interested. where are you located?
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    A new case just finished for Gotgohan

    Hi Rusty, I am very interested in a case from your self. Pls let me know what i need to do to get to ball rolling on a custom 3/6. Dennis
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    LTB:big name cue

    I have a custom PFD that I designed and would part with if the price was right. I hits better than any other PFD out there, because of the Silver in the cue. LEt me knnow if yoou might be interested and i will send you a few pix Dlake
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    Blackcreek and Stacey for sale

    I like them.... im interseted.
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    FS: X-breaker

    still have it? I have on and love it, i have been looking for another. let me know and what you want to do. Imlive in NY. Dennis
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    Looking to buy 3 x 6 case

    3x6 whitten, burgandy small gator print How much are you looking to spend? If your interested, I'll send you pix. I am looking for around 350. Letme know
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    2x4 or 3x6 wanted

    small gator print 3x6 This case has all the extras. It's three yrs old and is in real good shape. Let me know if your interested. $375 Shipped with insurance.
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    X-BREAKER jump break cue 3rd generation built by Samsara

    Im interested let me know what you want to do about payment and shipping. dlke
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    Selling my X-Breaker on Ebay

    Do you still have it? Was wondering if you still had the X-breaker? Let me knnow if you are still looking to un load it? I'll buy it. Dlake
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    wtb whitten case 3x6- fancy

    Look at my case Click on the link or cut and paste it. I have a three year old 3x6 whitten that is burgandy small crock print. Two pockets and top handle. What are you looking to spend? The case is in really good shape. If you think you want to do business, let me know. Thx, dlkejr...
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    WTB 3 x 6 or 4 x 8 Whitten or Instroke case

    3x6 whitten for sale If your looking than I have what you need. Its 3 years old, in real good condition. its the wine/burgandy small crock print. I paid over $600 for it. I'll take $325 + Shipping. If your interested, send you email and I'll forward the pics. I took some good ones, but AZ...