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    Denali Cues featuring 11 Twisted Butterflys

    Hey Bob, how much would something like ebony, bocote or coco run these days
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    Manning Custom Cues

    Yea. I'm referring to Vern Manning/Cliff Manning cues. He was a cue builder out of Tallahassee, FL.
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    Manning Custom Cues

    Looking for some info on Cliff Manning cues. Found one at what I feel is a very reasonable price. But I know nothing about the maker. Did/does he make a 60" cue? Are the cues cored? I messaged him on here but seems he hasn't been active in sometime. Thanks
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    Jflowers cue Limited edition - Carbon Shaft

    Is this a 60" cue
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    Can you identify this Predator cue?

    Thanks for the replies. Have also never seen the Z logo on the butt
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    Can you identify this Predator cue?

    Can you identify this predator and potential value?
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    Predator BK2

    Would you be interested in selling only the butt?
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    WTT a Lucasi Hybrid

    I have an old school Viking plain Jane. Paid 230 new. Only played about 25 games. 1 scuff in butt. Needs new tip.
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    >>> FS: Phillippi Custom 6 Point Cue with ivory, SUPER PRICE <<<

    Nice cue. I'm just a couple hundred away.
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    FS: New Olivier Merry Widow cue

    Will you take $330 shipped.
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    FS: New Olivier Merry Widow cue

    What joint pin?
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    *** FS: 3 Bargain Priced Cue Butts ***

    How much for the tnt?
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    FS: 2012, Lucky7,Fancy,Sneaky

    Is.the aaa+ shaft a low deflection shaft
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    $$$$~~~~>> Kenny Murrell & Robert Harris Cue <<~~~~$$$$

    Interested in the cue. Is that a standard joint I'm more into the low deflection shafts and would probably upgrade. What is the diameter of that shaft at the ferrule and what wrap?
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    I'm interested in the one with the white points. Believe it's the helmstetter
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    [wts] southwest style cues

    On #2 what are the diameters at the ferrule on the shafts? And what makes them low deflection shaft? Are they radial?
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    FS: 12 Discontinued Pechauer models PR12, PS15 (wrapless) @ special prices

    What is the tip diameter of the edge hybrid shaft
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    Tiger X Ultra shaft for Viking

    What is the ferrule/tip size? & is it for the Viking quick release
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    *** Jacoby Edge Hybrid Shafts ***

    Have one for a Viking Quick release black collar