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  1. BradenK

    The Best Cash Game Player From the US

    That post brightened my day!!
  2. BradenK

    Tascarella Titleist

    That cue screams "PLAY WITH ME!" Awesome.
  3. BradenK

    Three Beautiful Bridge Pointed Gilberts!

    ....good lord!
  4. BradenK

    Fs: Monster arthur

    Omg!! Seriously, one of the nicest cues I have ever seen! Classy and elegant. Good luck with the sale! Braden
  5. BradenK

    ****Beautiful Prewitt Full Splice****

    a few more pics.
  6. BradenK

    ****Beautiful Prewitt Full Splice****

    I can be reached at 814.335.6634
  7. BradenK

    ****Beautiful Prewitt Full Splice****

    This cue only has about 30-40 hrs of play. I amthe second owner. The first owner only had the cue for a week, and never chalked it. 2 13mm shafts, ivory ferrules. Beautiful ivory rings. Four veneers, notched diamonds, and ivory hoppe ring with the EP engraved. Also comes with joint...
  8. BradenK

    Sugartree Fancy Sneaky---Cheap

    Bump to the top.
  9. BradenK

    Sugartree Fancy Sneaky---Cheap

    More pics. Thx.
  10. BradenK

    Sugartree Fancy Sneaky---Cheap

    Purpleheart fancy sneaky, sleeved ivory joint, ivory buttcap. One shaft, at about 12.8, ivory ferrule. Cue is in excellent shape. Shows usage, but nothing major. Rolls straight together and apart, to my eyes. Has that Sugartree hit. I am taking a loss, but I need the money fast. $600/OBO...
  11. BradenK

    Mint, 99.8% older Scruggs. Almost Brand New

    This cue has been test hit only. Perfect condition. I am listing it for a friend. 2 shafts, 13 and 12.5 The weight is 18.9 and 19.1 As do all of Tim's cues, this one is a player. Very firm hit. 2400 usd/OBO. And please, if you have an offer, make it. Trades may be be possible, but equal caliber...
  12. BradenK

    SCAMMED! Need help from friends in Lexington, North Carolina to find my Schon LTD!

    Thubosky, When you find this a**hole, you should oblige him on some corrective surgery for those protuberant ears. Possibly removing one, or both, will improve his self-esteem enough that he will no longer victimize the good people of the world. I have had two cues stolen from me. The total...
  13. BradenK

    >>>>>> FS/FT Gina Medallion 16a With 4 Shafts -- LOADED, MINT & DEAD STRAIGHT <<<<<<

    Wow Mike! That is a beauty. That is one of the prettiest Gina's I have seen. GLWS. Braden
  14. BradenK

    darren appleton cues :-) sale

    WOW!! I love AZ, but it shocks the hell out of me far too often anymore! DAZ, Congrats on all the accomplishments. Anyone who really follows pool and collects would love to have those cues, in any condition. I hope you sell them and get every penny of your asking price. Braden
  15. BradenK

    Dec 15 Pittsburgh Pa steel city billiards tournament and cue show

    Shane, If I can talk my ex into watching my kids for the weekend, I might be able to make it. If I know in time, I will shoot you a pm for a spot in the tourney. If it is full, I may still come just watch and check out the cues. Braden
  16. BradenK

    Killer "Ron Haley" for sale

    I am sorry, but I am not entirely sure that that is an actual cue. It has got to be some really nice painted sticks, or some old, treasure from antiquity. I say this because if it were in fact a "real" cue, meaning you could play pool with it, and it also had a superb hit to it, then Ron Haley...
  17. BradenK

    PFD Studios Ebony and Ivory wrapless 60 point cue-FANTASTIC!!!!

    This is truly a very beautiful, elegant cue. One of the finest executions of the tuxedo motif I have seen. Very, very classy. This really is an awful market right now. It is a shame that this cue is being offered for a markedly reduced price, yet here it sits. I seriously wish you the best of...
  18. BradenK

    Unchalked Tascarella Wrapless Fullsplice Cue--Piloted Ivory Joint--Hoppe Style!

    Beauty of a cue, but it made me ruin a new shirt. The drool would have been ok, but i had just eaten a tootsie roll. So, that's gonna leave a stain. Braden
  19. BradenK

    1990 Josswest Cue for sale

    If this makes it until tonight, I will be amazed. That is a hell of an offering. Braden
  20. BradenK

    Wrapless Flame veneer Libra!!!

    That is a great price for a Libra. Especially a full-splice. I am surprised it is still here. GLWS!! Braden