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  1. Snapshot9

    Dropped two skill levels in less than 3 months

    I call BS on this one. You need to evaluate your mechanics first, you may have picked up bad habits without knowing, and it has brought down your game, or else you weren't a 6 to begin with. I have played all types of leagues over the years, and the APA is NOT a good measuring stick. The best...
  2. Snapshot9

    How does weight effect your ego?

    My advice is to never show your speed for FREE, because if you do everyone will clock your speed and know exactly what they can get or give you to beat you, especially if you are trying to get better. I am pretty good at disquising my true speed over 52 years, and as a result, I get many...
  3. Snapshot9

    I never missed a shot

    So many players take a what I call a 'no future' shot, perhaps making the shot but with no chance to run out after that. Never run down to your last ball and expect to play safe, because if your opponent has 4 or 5 balls left, he will out safety you. The object of the game is to keep the...
  4. Snapshot9

    The future of pool

    Private clubs Pool still exists, but in the form of different leagues for the most part. Pool is going through a transition from 'hustling' to 'sportsmanship', the prevalent attitude over in Europe. Private clubs will not work in the USA, mostly because Pool Players are cheapskates, and will...
  5. Snapshot9

    Big Balls Step Qualfiers in Wichita, Ks I also put the link to the Big Balls Tournament (entry is $1,000 or one of two winners of final qualifier)
  6. Snapshot9

    Soft, Medium, or Hard... That is the question

    I have used Layered Hercules medium hard for years, and never had a problem. Never have to shape it after an initial shaping, lasts for years and years. But if I was going to try a new tip, I would get the Ultraskin layered medium tip. Lots of good praise for his tips the last few years.
  7. Snapshot9

    Escalators. Pool.

    Whatever natural talent they started with (and I believe that naturals are just players that grasp concepts quickly), they still must practice hours and hours. Even natural talent has to be developed.
  8. Snapshot9

    Shane Van Boening challenging Chinese 8 Ball @ China

    LOL, if you want to see a monster, come to Stix in Wichita, they have a 6 x 12 Snooker table. Cory Deuel was dropping in for a couple of weeks to practice for an upcoming Snooker competition in England. He was getting some pointers from our own International Snooker star, Keith Boon. Keith is...
  9. Snapshot9

    Is it possible to over-think?

    You should evaluate and decide what you plan to do before you ever get down on a shot, and not think when down on a shot. It is rare when I ever think while down on a shot, most of the time on a difficult long shot off the rail that is pretty straight in, and I just think to deliver a true...
  10. Snapshot9

    Has FB And Twitter Taken Most AZB Members?

    I spend time on facebook, and especially in our private group (558 members) entitled 'Wichita Pool Players' which has local news about Pool players, upcoming matches, etc. Actually I am a member of several other groups like Midwest Pool Players, OKC Pool Players, and others. AZB has become so...
  11. Snapshot9

    Big Balls Tournament in Wichita, Ks. Aug 23/24 $1,000 entry fee, no quarters or green fees, race to 7 8 ball, alt breaks, BCA rules, 32 players.
  12. Snapshot9

    Does a good cue matter?

    Havbing a good cue just works better, like having the right woman or car.
  13. Snapshot9

    If you could afford any cue makers cue who's cue would you buy for your everyday cue

    I don't know how you could even ask this question. Most posters will only reply with cues that have actually stroked and hit balls with, otherwise they are making a decision based on looks only. Balance and shaft taper are too big things with me when evaluating a cue, and hit of course.
  14. Snapshot9

    Darren disqualified in a straight pool match?

    I kind of lost some respect for Daz when he won the world championship, and jumped onto the Pool table and stood on it and acted like a monkey. I expected better from a pro.
  15. Snapshot9

    Who was the best pool player you ever played in your pool career?

    Toss-up It's a toss-up for me between Willie Mosconi in an exhibition match in 1968 or playing Buddy Hall some 9 ball (giving me the 7 till I won, then he gave me the 8).
  16. Snapshot9

    16 Players Put up $2000 each. Race to 21 Who Will win it???

    Tournament A lot of these supposedly good players will come up short in a race to 21, and some of these up and comers bh will tighten playing a real pro or two. This thread has named 5-6 players that they swear will be in the top 3. I think Corey gets beat by an up and comer, Oscar and...
  17. Snapshot9

    Can pool room owners play in their own tournaments?

    The owner of Stix, Joe Boucher, plays in some weekly tournaments, occasionally in a normal weekly tournament to help fill out the bracket, not the favorite usually but a very good player, and he plays in a weekly scotch douibles tournament on Sundays. I might add he is never the tournament...
  18. Snapshot9

    Natural ability VS. Trained ability

    I had heard many many years ago, that your first decision about a shot is right about 64% of the time, so I depart from CJ on that. What I have seen over 52 years of playing, that even if a player starts out as a 'natural' player, that over the years, they gravitate towards being more of a...
  19. Snapshot9

    Help with Pool Experiment / Part 2

    Dave ... The individual rankings that people have locally usually doesn't match up with how they would be ranked considering a much larger area. For example, we usually add a rank for any players coming out of Tulsa. I don't rank players according to A,B,C, A+, A++, etc. I rank (and clock)...
  20. Snapshot9

    Help Needed? Need Picture of Player

    I got it verified that it is indeed Greg (3rd railbird from the left) by Joe Boucher, owner of Stix here in Wichita, and who worked for Greg when Greg had the Family Game Room. We did find a picture of Greg from microfiche of a newspaper sitting with Luthor Lassiter on the left...