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  1. cuekev

    Jeanette Lee's Ford commercial "Sexy"

    I think her boobs have a lot more to do with O baby than a baby. ;)
  2. cuekev

    Jeanette Lee's Ford commercial "Sexy"

    Nice catch on the nail polish. I didn't notice.
  3. cuekev

    Jeanette Lee's Ford commercial "Sexy"

    It doesn't look like this has been spotted yet. IMO she looks much better in the dress than in the ESPN photo shoot.
  4. cuekev

    Why Ghost Ball Aiming Fails You

    I like your answer Snapshot9. I don't think our minds work well when just given part of the picture. Just the contact point or creating a ghost ball. I try to envision the cue ball making contact with the object ball and how the object ball will respond. I visualize the twist of the object ball...
  5. cuekev

    Snooker Players & Their Elbow

    If you notice in this video Joe Davis's back hand is close to his shoulder when he is addressing the ball. There is no way for him to get a follow thru without dropping his elbow. If you choose to not drop your elbow and have your chin on the cue your back hand should be moved back further...
  6. cuekev

    Jeanette in The Buff for ESPN

    Rackem, Thanks, That's great news. I didn't realize she had so many children.
  7. cuekev

    Jeanette in The Buff for ESPN

    I don't believe she carried either of her children. One is adopted and the other was carried by a surrogate.
  8. cuekev

    Does Size Really Matter ? (Pictures)

    Joelpope, What is this Mac?? you speak of? :)
  9. cuekev

    100 Hottest Athletes of All Time -- Billiards Has Two

    Jam, Secretariat was a male horse. There is a Disney movie coming out about him. If you're interested in horses Seabisquit is a great book. Much more detailed then the movie. The jockeys went thru hell back then. O well back to Sexy athletes. :wink: Kevin
  10. cuekev

    Benny Hill playing billiards

    Enjoy ;)
  11. cuekev

    the hottest girl in pool!!!!

    If she only needs to be associated with billiards Heres my choice. Don't bash her by association. Also Rachel Abbink had a few bikini shots on her web page. She is very attractive.
  12. cuekev

    Michigan now smoke free!!!

    Sorry to hear that Joe. My wife doesn't mind but I start to notice it when I get home. I hope they will enforce the law.
  13. cuekev

    Michigan now smoke free!!!

    300th post Hey that was my 300th post. I guess it is about time.:p
  14. cuekev

    Michigan now smoke free!!!

    I know this won't make the smokers happy. As of May 1st bars and resturants in Mich are smoke free.:smile: I hate coming home from pool league smelling like stale smoke. I do feel for my smoking bretheren (spelling?). I have many friends that smoke.
  15. cuekev

    Mother drills?

    We don't need no stink'in fundamentals!! :mad: Pool is the only game or sport that you don't have to practice fundamentals. ;)
  16. cuekev

    1930's Brunswick Anniverary on eBay! Scam?!?!?

    Something doesn't look right on it. " Chrome was brushed in Canada." You can brush chrome? Do they mean aluminum?
  17. cuekev

    CTE aiming.

    I hear it is a lot easier if you fly to Mexico and climb the fence. ;) Good Luck!
  18. cuekev

    What is the best DVD for learning the Diamond System?

    Do you mean the second diamond system? That is a good one. I wish the cushions on my table were better. I would practice this more.
  19. cuekev

    What is the best DVD for learning the Diamond System?

    I liked Jimmys dvd for kicking but found his Diamond System complicated. "Don Feeney's: The Diamond System" is much easier to understand. I don't know if it is available on dvd I have it on VHS.
  20. cuekev

    Az billiards shirts....

    The red looks good. Put me down for an XL.:smile: