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  1. AlbertaShark

    New Here? - Introduce Yourself

    Hi, im Mitchell. 29 years old. Not an active user but been playing since 2015. Southern Alberta. I like playing 10-30 racks a day at the local bar and different halls Nice to meet yall
  2. AlbertaShark

    how are ya'll doing in league ?

    Not in any leagues per say. But I came 4th out of 10 players in a tournament. Also my best of 100 games. I'm losing 28-21 in one. and losing bad 16-6 in another. I've only played for just over a year though
  3. AlbertaShark

    Show and Tell... Kinda!

    Sweet setup!
  4. AlbertaShark

    How often & how long do you play?

    10-18 racks per day. About 5 hours a day 5 days a week.
  5. AlbertaShark

    Those with home tables, but no one to play with.

    I don't have a home table yet, but I live in an apartment and am trying to find a house for rent so I can buy a table.
  6. AlbertaShark

    New Here? - Introduce Yourself

    23 years old living now in Claresholm AB Canada. Been playing pool for over 1 year. I mostly play everyday atleast 10 racks a day. Looking for tips and pointers on how to develop skill. Nice to be here!