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    Mods please read

    There are political jabs all over this forum. EDIT: if there were a political forum and zero tolerance, that goes away.
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    Mods please read

    I have recently sent a PM to Mike regarding something else, depending on the outcome of that I will consider pushing a political forum. I just think there is WAY too much political stuff that happens outside of NPR and I also think people shy away from this forum because of that. If there was...
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    Mods please read

    This forum needs a political section AND an NPR section. There's no reason for people wanting to read NPR stuff and get stuck with 4 billion threads about politics.
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    best Oregon room

    I've been there once. It's a great old school pool room. Vending machines for food, 3C table, and all tables seem to be kept up well.
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    TSA not allowing cues on planes?

    I was told once that a cue can be used as a weapon, that's why it's not allowed on the plane. I can only imagine the airlines would love to allow you to bring a cue on their plane so they can charge you $50 each way.
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    JB Custom Cases - which one would you get?
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    I use OXA stuff on my min-ilathe (C3 from and I've been happy with it. And if you're in a pinch for a cutoff tool you can go to HF and buy this kit for $5.
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    So, how much did he lose ?

    32 pages of children bickering. No wonder this website is losing traffic.
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    Somewhere in the world where the politicians didn't panic

    If COVID-19 is fake news can someone please explain why funeral homes are now being bombarded?
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    Somewhere in the world where the politicians didn't panic

    How is this not in NPR?
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    Richard Black Shop Robbed

    More than likely it was used to stabilize wood. Here's a visual.
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    Folks Asking About Tips Used By Pros

    What was the excuse before the pandemic?
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    Favorite cuemaker for finishing a Rounceville or John Davis blank

    I have both a Ned Morris and MVP cue. Both are top notch and I would recommend either one.
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    How many think Florian "Venom" Kohler should have his own line of cues?

    This. I won one (I won a cue ball also, both were signed on the spot) sometime last summer at one of his exhibitions. It seems a bit back heavy so dart jumps are hard to master (I still use my Pechauer for dart...
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    Hard Case Tubes

    This is the only process I was able to find when I was researching it. This is not the only video I saw, just the first one that popped up.
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    JP for Espiritu Big Pin 3/8 x 10

    It might help if you point out what doesn't fit? Threads? Diameter? Length?
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    Funny pic/gif thread...

    I was riding as a passenger through Florida years ago in an absolute downpour of rain. Some guy in an ice truck was driving like an asshole, cutting people off, jumping in front of people and slamming on the brakes. I grabbed my cell phone can called the number on the truck and let them know...
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    Mcdermott suspends operation

    It's called the Paycheck Protection Program. It's through the Small Business Administration and the loans are applied for through any federally approved SBA lender.
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    Pool hall injuries. Cuts, burns, bites... whatever.

    Smacked my knee on the coin op mechanism mid-game in Vegas. Hurt like hell but won my match :)
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    D Series McDermott Weight Bolts

    Here's a 2.5oz, they look like regular bolts, you might be able to find one at the hardware store?,5750.html