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  1. tony frank

    Pattern racking

    Speaking of rules - just looked at 55 rules for APA 8 ball. DUHHHHHHHH Rule 55 said - HAVE FUN !!!!! WT HAY ??????
  2. tony frank

    Name them-CTE Pro One Pros

    The Old timer / Trapper's 2 bits. A long time ago when I came up ! I had access to tables quite often and used the luxury a lot. No one taught me aiming and I do not aim to this day. 65 years later. I do also believe that many pros and advanced players do not aim. I learned by the million ball...
  3. tony frank

    how are ya'll doing in league ?

    After perusing some of these generically equal posts - I pray that I will never be required to be involved with this total BS. ALAS 54 rules for 8 ball. DUHHHH And many make up their own OF course to compliment the BS. Trapper
  4. tony frank

    AZB'ers perception of skill "yardstick": bar table vs. 9-footer

    Yo so nice that all of you have choices. It's a hundred mile round trip for me to play on a full sized table. AND for about 200 other locals. There are surely many, many areas similar where a full size table is NOT at all available OR very expensive and time consuming to even go to. The bar box...
  5. tony frank

    Is it REALLY winning if you win with a big handicap?

    Hmmm Breeding mediocracy ! Handicapping for pool is absolutely ridiculous. As it is with our NWO dummy down schools to satisfy imbeciles pretending to be intelligent and destroying the real accomplishments of hard working real individuals. All players should play with their equals of skill...
  6. tony frank

    Pattern racking

    YES alternate high and lows - 8 ball. To tough to understand. How about forgeting about 9 ball - dump off these rack mechanics and get back to the art of pool / billiards. 10 ball just fine for a real contest. Even 8 ball is getting to be BS on the bar tables - shooters work more at missing /...
  7. tony frank

    From Willie Joseph Mosconi himself:

    Any chance of more about MOSCONI ?
  8. tony frank

    Dress codes

    !00% in agreement - Don't know what is worse - the horrid deportment of many - so called professionals - or their appearance - or both ? Almost impossible to enjoy their skill, precision and talent. Youtube / vid watchers count going down all the time. Trapper always brings home the pelts. LOL
  9. tony frank

    Anyone viewing the forums on iOS 8?

    Using 8 for quite a while - have free upgrade to 8.1 however ? much bad news about that - Don't really know if I should upgrade ? AZ - only problem I have is links are on the page but no visuals / text Moving the mouse around the area of links - they show up in my lower left visual box ...
  10. tony frank

    Glasses when shooting?

    I'll look into your grinder. I must use tri-focals - however the most powerful - lower - part never comes into play on the table. Over recent years my prescription has never changed - however only one of 4 new ground glasses functions correctly - I'm not sure which one is truly ground to the...
  11. tony frank

    The Worst Rule in Pool

    Mark the pocket - a filthy shark move that only the lowest use - probably in most of their lives activities. To deliberately break someone's concentration, planning, thinking, stroking is diabolical and - ALL should refuse to honor this en mass. Same for BIH anywhere. OH back in the old days...
  12. tony frank


    I'm in 1953 right beside you. We live in a rural area - where time perhaps has not progressed along with the big cities. Our weekly garbage trash truck operators / pick up handlers look better then most patrons of a pool hall or in fact the competitors - which is an insult to so many...
  13. tony frank

    The Worst Rule in Pool

    OL TIMER says. Pushout OK BIH behind the string OK Mark the pocket - totally contrary to the essence of the game / games. If you've never been in the ZONE or know what it mean - you are not and never will be a true master. YOOOOO Truth or consequence !
  14. tony frank


    I recently watched a semi final match between 2 very well known pros in a big bucks 10 ball tourney on one of the many video channels now available. A partial view of an adjacent table also often came into view. One of the features pros was well dressed, however continually displayed an...
  15. tony frank

    From Willie Joseph Mosconi himself:

    I do exceptionally well with MY no finger grip. On setup - I hold the cue in the V between the thumb and the upper area of the first finger - no griping with finger or thumb - finger and thumb down. Cue pivots very well on practice strokes. Different shots are requires changes of grip. Very...
  16. tony frank

    Poll: Winner Break, Loser Break, Alternate Break?

    This is entirely different from tourney / serious competition head to head. I agree on this bar box reality for sure !! WINNER BREAKS
  17. tony frank

    Poll: Winner Break, Loser Break, Alternate Break?

    The game / sport / art has enough bad rep ! Alternate breaks - opposition racks - get rid of rack mechanics !!!! or 9 ball farce game ! Just great to watch one cheating player have the run of the show - I guess for those who love cheating. By pure skill or/and luck and/or cheating one can leave...
  18. tony frank

    To all the Mike Dechaine Nay-Sayers.

    This is a major problem with the game EVERYBODY CHEATS LOL great news for the youngsters ! 9 ball sucks - must be eliminated from the menu. DAAAAAA
  19. tony frank

    I got a question to Balance Rite extension owners

    A bit wide of the topic, however I have a very good shaft that was damaged severely at the first 5 " of the tip end. I sawed off the damaged section and would still like to install a new ferule and tip. HOWEVER now the cue is noticably shorter then original when attempting to use. It has a...
  20. tony frank

    My pool lesson with Darren "DynoMite" Appleton

    YOU ARE 100% about the aiming. A top shooter NEVER - EVER AIMS Absurd to think so.