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  1. JohnPT

    Videos of Members Playing the Ghost??

    It was a fun idea this thread but now it's just a lot of bickering.
  2. JohnPT

    Videos of Members Playing the Ghost??

    Thank you. There were a couple more racks after that but apparently there is a limit with how many times you can cut out parts of the video with youtube.
  3. JohnPT

    Videos of Members Playing the Ghost??

    9ball ghost quickie video: Sorry it is not new. My tablet is out of commision and this was the last video I was able to make. Just thought somebody might appreciate watching some nobody shoot a bit. I edited out parts of me walking around but the full video and...
  4. JohnPT

    Anyone else have PacMan Cup suspicions?

    I would like to congratulate Diamond69 for one helluva thread. You should be proud!
  5. JohnPT

    All Japan Championships

    Here is another one. 10 ball ghost this time.
  6. JohnPT

    All Japan Championships

    A better look at the kid but he plays the ghost instead.
  7. JohnPT

    How do I deal with cue with too forward balance?

    Shorten your bridge and maybe even move your backhand further up on the wrap. Probably not the solution you are looking for though as it would require a lot of learning and adjustment in your shooting.
  8. JohnPT

    Recipes for Crow....Anyone?

    Now all you need is a joint extension and then you'll be rockin!
  9. JohnPT

    What a clown

    I don't play league so I wouldn't know what a SL7+ is. You make it sound like I should be impressed though.
  10. JohnPT

    What a clown

    I've seen some of his other videos and didn't quite get the same impression. But then again, how does the average AZ'er shoot anyway?
  11. JohnPT

    Fast Twitch muscle development exercises

    In addition to your weight trainig, spend time hitting a punching bag. To summarize, it will train your arm muscles to coordinate with your trunk muscles as well as your leg muscles. No doubt in my mind it should carry over to a better pool break. To achieve this, of course you need to...
  12. JohnPT


    Saw the short clip of Manny shooting while paired with Ronnie A. and recalled this very thread. I know TAR is not around anymore but Manny vs Joe Rogan would still be an interesting match. Now that we have a few clips of Manny shooting, how do you guys think he'll do against Joe now? I...
  13. JohnPT

    I got a question to Balance Rite extension owners

    I painted mine black and really like the look on it. You can see it here:
  14. JohnPT

    I got a question to Balance Rite extension owners

    I love the thing and shoot with it full time. Increased the weight on my cue from 17+ to 19+. I've always had a long bridge but this thing has further increased my bridge length so sometimes I need to reel myself in and keep it at a reasonable distance. I am not sure if the hit is different...
  15. JohnPT

    here's my brand new custom cue

    Looks like s***!
  16. JohnPT

    The Worst Rule in Pool

    Even weirder when a league player tells a poolplayer he didn't mark the pocket, right after the poolplayer makes the 8 that's sitting a foot from the corner pocket! Ha!
  17. JohnPT

    this kid

    What a talent! He makes it look so easy.
  18. JohnPT

    A Hilarious Difference Between Efren & Ralf

    Sorry I was talking about the stuff I have in my bag and not Efren's. But, to answer your question, yes Efren has a jump cue. Saw him whip it out the first time in a WPC match. Sorry, i can't recall which particular match.
  19. JohnPT

    A Hilarious Difference Between Efren & Ralf

    I like Efren's style. I have 1 play cue, 1 break cue and a jump cue. No extra shafts. 1 cube of chalk ,a scuffer and cue rest as accessories.
  20. JohnPT

    Funny pic/gif thread...