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    Valley ball return problems.

    Take the rails off and lift the slate only takes about 20 min.
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    Anyone familiar with this table?

    No the rails are not like a valley or dyanmo. But cotact penguin maanfactor and you could ship them there to replace the rubber
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    Do tournments when running a calcutta take a % of the total or does it all go into the calcutte pool?
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    Can someone tell me when runing a calcutta if the room takes a cut from it.
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    Pool cue tip glue for z2 shaft ferrule

    I have used J-B Weld SuperWeld Instant Adhesive and it works well
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    Technique for trimming a cue tip flush with the ferrule

    I use a planer blade it is sharpen one side only
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    New here and pool table move

    I moved mine with a uhaul trailer flip it on its side on to a four wheel dolly put stap around it and wheeled it on to trailer a one man move.
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    Quick Lock Joint for Players JB and J&J Breakers

    try cuefits they are on ebay or go to
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    Ridgeback Rails attention Kerry Rhodes
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    Metal lathe cutter...

    check cue mans site
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    Porper lathes

    I think mullers are producing them
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    Global coin ops

    Are they any good?
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    Tips to stock

    I stock ultra skins best tip for the money, also use triumph
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    Where to buy denatured alcohol in Toronto / GTA?

    de natured alcohol is alcohol that is as low a water content as possible methol hydrate is a denature alcoh:smile:ol
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    Shipping information for Mike Capone

    try google
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    toolpost hardware?

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    What is a good replacement motor for Cue Smith

    check out post by car guy on servo motor
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    LTB-Tip Dressing Tool -Tip Shaping Guide

    tip shaper hightower has one
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    Weekly/Monthly Snooker Tournaments - Southern Ontario

    go to the pool scene web site it list tournaments there
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    Table Mechanic for new rails

    what kind of table what size