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    Looking for some cue info on my Brunswick

    I first posted this cue back in 2003 here. My initial question was if it was a Joss made cue. Pretty sure that it is not. Main point in finding information is to see if it has any value, have not played in probably 15 years. I doubt that there is any real value to this cue, but figured it can...
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    AzBilliards Survey-PLEASE RESPOND

    FORUM NAME: Gideon LOCATION: Victoria, Texas (Bout 1.5 hours south of Houston) AGE: 31 HOURS PER WEEK YOU PLAY POOL: 5-20, depending on work and beer consumption schedule.
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    Another wood question. :)

    Well.. knife, singular. I've only done one so far. lol But am working on another, and have orders for several already. But here is a mediocre picture of the first one I did and sheath.
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    Another wood question. :)

    No way in heck I would try to make it myself. :) I would be lucky to be able to make a decent broom handle out of it. I have considered that a maker might not want the wood supplied, whether it be because he does not trust the wood or another reason, in which case it would at least give him a...
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    Another wood question. :)

    First, thats to those that responded to my last post. Someone mentioned Gilmer Woods for purchasing, I had just ran across that page after I posted that message, they really do have some amazing woods there! I spent the better part of my day looking through them. :) I found another place...
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    Question for purchasing some wood.

    Hi, Have not posted here in a while, but hoping someone can gimmie a hand here. :) I am soon going to be having a new cue made for myself, and have been looking around for the wood(s) that I would like to use. I found some on ebay actually while I was looking for some wood to use for wood...
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    Enjoyed my time here.

    But the board has more or less become a sounding board for people and the differences they have with each other more than a board for billiards discussions. Shame that people could not put aside their differences and pettiness for a mutual love of the sport. And I am not singling any one or...
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    George Britner - Info?

    My playing cue is a Brunswick, many people had told me that it was made by Joss. Cue maker that I am dealing with said it was in fact not made by Joss but by George Britner who worked for Brunswick in the 80's. I was wondering if anyone knew anything about Mr. Britner beyond the fact that he...
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    players new pool cue

    I have a players cue that I have had for a while, I dont use it as an every day cue, it is mostly a break cue for me. But occasionally I pull it out and stroke with it and for the price it plays quite nice. It actually has a better hit/feel than a lot of higher end cues I have hit with, at...
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    Holding cues until payment of gambling money

    Thats how I always got my cues from people that could not pay me. My playing cue now was froma guy that didnt have the money from that night or from a couple of other nights so he just handed me his new cue and case that he was so proud of. 9 years later and he is still trying to buy it back...
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    Cuemaker question...

    Update: Been emailing Wayne for the past week with questions and brainstorming, finally gave him a phone call this morning to somewhat finalize things. A little bit of adjustment on the idea I had originally and looks like my cue is going to be a go very soon, he is going to put something...
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    Longest use of a cue?

    I've played with the same one for about ten years or so...Gettin tired of it! Blech.
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    Hi there deadstroke, if what you are looking to post is the picture under your posting name to the left of the screen, I think this is what you are talking about? It is a simple thing to do, once you have the image you want to use go to the "User CP" section of the board, the button for this is...
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    Consistently inconsistent

    Inconsistence is the only major aspect of my game I wish to change right now. I've played for about 12 years, from playing every day for hours on end to playing off and on when the bug bit me. Now I play once a week for about two or three hours for league and that is it. I'd like to play...
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    Cuemaker question...

    Having played with the same cue for many years I have decided it is time for a change. I love my present cue and will un doubtably still play with it at times, I'm just tired of looking at it. :) Need a change. I've been looking at diffrent cue makers for a while and have pretty much decided...
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    Slow players

    I vary my game speed depending on my opponent. If I am playing someone that plays somewhat fast, I play slowwwww I'll study each shot like it is the hardest shot in the world, I'll get down, stoke a few times, stand up and look at it again, walk around the table, re chalk my stick, and finally...
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    Poolhall junkies experience
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    Purchasing CueStick - WHere to start? Help

    I really like this "sneaky pete" by DZ... Kind of a twist on the whole sneaky pete idea... And awww, memories, my first cue was a $12 Bud Light stick from K-mart. Would be kind of fun to have that one and have people think "Oh here is a sucker." I think Im gonna have to get one. hehe
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    Jinx in the Pool Hall

    Thank God. I am relieved, I thought I was jinxed, but I am just a loser. I read it on the internet, so it has to be true. Thanks for pointing that out.
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    Custom Cue Question

    I have been looking around at buying a new cue, don't really need one, just want one. :) Kind of like my ex girlfriend and shoes... ;) Now while I would love to be able to drop $1000+ on a cue that is just not in the budget right now, and actually I much prefer plain looking cues that do not...