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    Scranton 7 ft Diamond tables

    This is a common problem. Most bars will not put up the money for a Diamond, even a 7' is not cheap and not respected by most of their clients. Contact the APA League operator in your area, he would be my first choice. Or - you might want to check out Bowling alleys or private clubs. If you...
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    Water Buffalo Tips - reality

    I also played with the original Champions... They were great. What would you consider the best playing tip today closest to the original Champions? (14.1 & 1-Pocket.) Has anyone tried the new McDermitt Navigator tips? Thanks for any info!
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    Which predator shaft deflects the most?

    McDermott has just announced a new shaft "iPRO - High Performance Shaft". It is not yet on their web site but my understanding it will be released in August. You might want to watch for it.
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    Retired Predator Cues

    Have an original IKON - 8 Series 1 - "MINT CONDITION" "NEVER HIT" !!! You can see it on the Predator web site under "cues" - "Retired" - "IKON SERIES" Send me an E-Mail if interested. No PM's / 610-442-4749
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    Proficient Billiards

    Sorry for the double - didn't cancel
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    Proficient Billiards

    It's for the "new-bees" :D Besides you read it.:D:D
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    Proficient Billiards

    It's for the "new-bees" :D Besides you read it. :grin::grin:
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    Balls dont break apart well

    Great answer Danny! In addition to Danny's excellent response, I vacuum the cloth with a brush attachment before wiping it down. I have a central vacuum system that has a suction control valve on it to reduce suction ... preventing the unit from picking up the cloth. You can use a Shop Vac but...
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    Proficient Billiards

    Scot at Proficient Billiards does "HIGH QUALITY" work. You won't regret choosing him. He has worked on a number of my cues, including my JossWest.
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    Key to playing better pool

    Quote: Originally Posted by Bob Jewett View Post Most players are not able to figure out their own weaknesses. They will get better faster with some help. It is! ... IMO by "with some help" Bob means - "hiring an instructor". Included in the top vote.
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    Great lesson with mark finklestein

    Great Lesson with Mark Finklestein Put me on the list that firmly believes that MARK is a "GREAT INSTRUCTOR"!! I studied under him, was a part time instructor with Mark and Tom Simpson (RIP) and had him polish my son's 14.1 game.
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    《☆》Mint TAD 41 Model Cue 《☆》

    Mint condition TAD 41 Beautiful Tad ... However pictured shafts are "chalked". Can you explain?
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    The passing of an amazing man

    I was shocked when I heard about Tom's passing. Tom was a unique individual and a great instructor. His martial arts back round supplied a special outlook on the mental part of the game. I studied under Tom, was Certified by Tom and on occasion had the privilege of working with him as an...
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    About time

    Thread: About time Thank You ... for what you have given to the game!!! Looking forward to your continued words of wisdom and your excellent commentary. Relax & Enjoy!!
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    Wanted: Older predator cue

    Wanted: Older predator cue Sent PM on "MINT CONDITION" Original series IKON - 8 w/ 314*2 shaft Uniloc joint
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    Happy Birthday Randy Goettlicher

    Happy birthday, have a great day!!
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    Wtb predator bk2

    Sent you PM.
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    Dr. Dave, Happy Birthday

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Thanks for all you do for our great game!
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    WTB: Predator Ikon 1-9

    I have an Ikon - 8 "Series One" ... Brand new "Mint" condition ... for sale. 19 oz. w/314-2 shaft. MSRP - $1349. Will sell $950. w/ free shipping to lower 48. Respond to e-mail or 610.442.4749