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    Mark Griffin Looks Back on a Legacy in Pool

    Sounds like the perfect resume to be considered for the BCA Hall of Fame! We have had a wonderful relationship through the years as Gospel Trick Shot Ministries, Inc. has had a GTS booth at CSI events in years past for well over a decade! I am also thankful that Mark will soon be in the Hall...
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    Worldwide Billiard Industry Comes Together to Support the New USA Blackball Pool Association

    It's a big world out there and with so many cue sport disciplines there is something for everyone who likes to handle a cue stick! The more disciplines a cue artist participates in the more they learn about our amazing sport of pool and billiards! Special thanks to the WPA for sanctioning and...
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    Allison vs Jean?

    Having grown up with Jean in the New York Metro area and being a friend of her family as I did my Gospel Trick Shot Show in their family billiard room in Brooklyn, my bias would be with Jean. However in the late 1990's when I was with Jean and her family I remember asking Jean directly if she...
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    Does a Firmer Grip Maximize or Diminish Feel and Touch for the Cueball?

    Excellent analysis CJ - different strokes for different folks so to speak! Thanks and keep up the good work my brother! God bless!
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    Why do pros do bar box tournaments? Serious reply's only

    When Tom "Dr. Cue" Rossman and Steve Lillis were on tour in the Middle East in 2017 they had the opportunity to do GTS RACK Team trick shot shows on seven different types of billiard tables and each one was fun and challenging. Many people who settle in the Middle East come from all over the...
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    Tony Annigoni suicide

    Sorry to all of Tony's good friends in CA and beyond as I know Jay you were one of them. In the winter of 1979, I lived in Sacramento, CA and made Terry Stonier's "The Jointed Cue" my home pool room as he held open tournaments every Tuesday night for years. Mike Segal spent some of his road...
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    Have you any good stories about underworld characters you met in Pool Rooms?

    In the late 60's and early 70's when I was young and foolish I used to play pool with some mafia kids who would stop by my local pool room in New Jersey that I was managing and "drop off" some of their money! One particular son of a Don would routinely come in every week to make a deposit to my...
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    Billiards About

    Matt Sherman - pool instructor Matt Sherman was a guest in one of my Gospel Trick Shot shows in Florida with Tommy Kennedy. Tommy did some of his amazing trick shots and ball juggling during the show. Matt did a short instructional clinic for the fans during his segment of the show and it was...
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    10-ball with 9-ball rules-why?

    I think it would speed up 10 ball by playing with 9 ball rules and it would be better for the fans! My opinion of course! Thanks.