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    Shane Van Boening on "60 Minutes," December 4, 7:30 p.m. Eastern

    Its too bad they didn't pan over for 5 seconds and show the grand trophy case in that poolroom (The Breakroom) where Shane was shooting around with the interviewer. The case is impressive.
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    Wrong Ball

    I don't blame Shane, but I will say this: I was playing Chris Reinhold (then Robinson) at the Derby 4 or 5 years ago. We were tied 7-7 in a race to nine. I was about to hit the wrong ball and he kindly pointed it out to me without fanfare. He is a true gentleman. He ended up winning 9-8 and...
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    The best stroke/cue action you have seen

    Tommy Stephenson
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    Ahh the Kids/Matchroom

    This is not in conjunction with Ra's Junior International Championship. In a way that would have been nice because Ra could have helped to create an invitational list based upon rankings. As it currently stands, there is going to be a mad rush to get signed up on Friday afternoon, first come...
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    Joe Brown from Ohio Murdered

    What a terrible thing. Joe was a good guy. I remember playing with him in tournaments at Airway 25 years ago. I was at the Glass City Open in about 2001 or so when he beat out Alex Pagulayan. Joe was a strong player. RIP.
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    Pool stuff you bought🤮, tried or used, and said never again.🤮

    Carbon fiber shaft. Used it for 10 minutes, then gave it to my son.
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    Brumback vs Spaeth

    I remember playing Gary at one of the Monday night 9 ball tournaments at Airway in 1999. We were on 9 foot Diamonds. Gary had a mildly off-angle 7-9 combination at one end of the table. The 8 ball sat 3 inches off the middle of the opposite end rail. Frank Ruby was standing behind me and...
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    I think Predator needs to go back into the laboratory on their new cloth.

    I played on Predator cloth for the first time this past weekend in a tournament. I have Simonis 860 at home and I find it to play at a medium speed. I previously had 760 and it played fast but I really enjoyed playing at that speed. I have also played quite a bit on Andy 988 and I found that...
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    Best way to move a pool table?

    I moved a valley 500 miles two years ago. Its easy with 4 people (I used the seller and his 2 sons). First, remove the aluminum panels to get to the rail bolts. Remove the rail bolts, pull out the rails, then lift the slate with 4 people and set it aside. Then lift the box into a trailer...
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    Foldable ball rack

    Awesome, thanks for the help! Does anyone recommend one over the other?
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    Foldable ball rack

    Anyone know who makes some of the collapsible ball racks that are occasionally seen at tournaments, league nights, etc? Google search didn't bring up anything.
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    Weather check............

    -11 here in Rapid City. Might be above zero tomorrow. Yay!
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    SLate Joints - Beeswax or Body Filler?

    I have used bondo and Durham's. Both worked great. Durham's is more likely to crumble, but it hasn't happened to me yet.
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    U.S. Mail delays

    USPS is definitely slow now. I recently sent two packages by priority and both arrived 4-5 days late. Regarding UPS, I made a purchase at Macy's last week with 1-2 day shipping and UPS has not even entered it into their system yet. I totally agree that the system is cracking. Fedex perhaps?
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    OTW Junior International 9 Ball Championship

    Kudos to Diamond Billiard Products (Greg Sullivan) and On The Wire Creative Media (Ra Hanna) for putting together this Junior Event. I was chagrined when the DCC moved to an exclusive 21-and-over venue, so this is a great effort to keep the juniors competing and improving. If you know a junior...
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    pool's greatest might-have-beens

    Gary Spaeth
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    Installing Simonis vs Championship Cloth

    Thanks Trent. That's was my concern - knowing that worsted wool stretches much differently, I wasn't sure if trying to use the Simonis method for the bed cloth would work very well with a non-worsted cloth. thanks!
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    Installing Simonis vs Championship Cloth

    I have used the Simonis video technique to install Simonis cloth on my Diamond table and it worked well. Does anyone know if I can use the same technique to install Mercury Ultra cloth on the bed of an Olhausen table, or should I just use the traditional installation technique? Thanks.
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    Diveney Shaft Questions

    Thanks for the input everyone. It sounds like its the ferrule he uses. The taper is surprisingly fairly conical rather than having a large pro taper.