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    Men vs Women

    It seems to me that women also play tighter to their respective Fargo. For example, a 600 rated female can play like a 650 on her best day and 550 on her worst. But a 600 rated male can play like a 700 on his best day and 500 on his worst. Also, does anyone know the Fargo rate difference...
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    Also, in football, does the QB use a system for hitting the money on the receiver? Does he calculate the receivers speed, angle, and a hundred other things before he delivers the ball exactly where the receiver will be in a few microseconds? No, he just uses muscle memory that comes from TAMB...
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    I don't think you can call feel and intuition any kind of system. It's kind of the opposite really. That being said, the "Shot Picture" may be called a system. But I'd argue that's more recognition that comes from HAMB and not a system. Thanks for another great video, doctor! p.s. SSOP calls...
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    The Best Ever List of Pool Nicknames

    What's Sky Woodward's nickname? Apparently they can't say it on TV
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    The Best Ever List of Pool Nicknames

    The Martian - that's a unique one
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    SVB featured on 60 min (dropped 10 hrs ago)

    Netflix should do a mini-series similar to Queen's Gambit for pool. Make the story about a young orphan girl prodigy that eventually makes it to the top and beats Shane. "The Safety Gambit"
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    Imagine if…

    whoa, it's like they read my mind o_O
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    Imagine if…

    At work
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    Imagine if…

    Tkatch’s fargo goes above Gorst’s. Would they still be together? Or if Pia gets better than Josh? What would happen? Nevermind Fefilova because she’s already better than Tyler
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    Arimath “Black Measel” cue ball

    the red measles ball makes me think of the measles (the disease) and I'm a little grossed out by it
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    Cues with bigger handle diameter

    just put duct tape all over the butt
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    Any pros still playing with Ex Pro?

    also makes me happy that everyone puts down the ex pro. Don't like playing with the same shaft that everyone is using
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    Any pros still playing with Ex Pro?

    same here. Love the feel of the ex pro. Tried ignite but it felt dead
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    50 and over tournaments

    can't play too long though. Need a nap
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    Top 10 or 20 pros' cues set ups?

    I would guess that when pros get together they sometimes ask each other about the equipment they are using, and it's not because they're looking to improve their game or anything. like if corey asks efren what tip he's using, it's not because corey hopes using that tip will make him a pro.
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    Top 10 or 20 pros' cues set ups?

    if you love the game and love watching it played well, but not curious about what equipment is being used, then maybe there's something wrong with you. It's only natural to be curious.
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    Keanu Reeves at Arizona Snooker Academy

    i don't get it. Is snooker that much more fun to watch than pool?
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    Two Easy Steps to Run Racks!

    sounds like the best advice I got for investing in the stock market: buy low, sell high Can't beat it!
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    Want to learn 3 cushion billiards

    it’s a totally different game than pool. It’s not about accuracy but more about feel, which you can only get through tons of experience.
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    So Mezz has a new joint pin

    mezz is becoming the iphone of production cues. Awesome, gotta love it!