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    The BIG Mezz shaft thread!

    Sorry for the late reply. The Sigma just didn't really grow on me. I tried the ExPro and fell in love with it immediately. I really can't knock the Sigma and if I had to play with it I would be just fine but the ExPro just felt better, seemed to transfer energy better and had less deflection...
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    LTB Zan Hybrid Max

    Mezzusa has them
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    Mezz 185

    I have a Mezz 185 with a 30" ExPro shaft. I would give the condition 9/10 only because it has a small dent near the butt cap. I tried to get a picture, but it can't be seen or picked up by the camera, but you can feel it if you are looking for it. I have a new cue that I love...too many cues...
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    The BIG Mezz shaft thread!

    Sigma review... I am liking the shaft. The taper and shaft size seem to work well for me. I have a better feel for softer shots. Longer shots with power have less deflection than the WX Alpha but I do miss that solid stiff feel but the trade off for less deflection seems worth it. Going to...
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    The BIG Mezz shaft thread!

    Just received a 30" Sigma shaft. (playing cue is a Mezz AXI 185) I can't seem to find any reviews on it so I will do my best to give a comparison to the WX Alpha which is my current playing shaft and the only Mezz shaft I have owned.